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Need opinions please

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Loved ones are not to be put aside, that's basic morality in my eyes. Thinking about friendship as in "it may always end, so why not end it now", is a way of thinking I do not like. At all.

I think what sniper is getting at is this. I only have one friend from school days that I still have regular contact with, he and I are truly best friends, my father refers to him as his third son. Our wives are best friends, our kids are too, heck even our dogs act like best buds, we are like one big family :). However I have very limited contact with anyone else from school, some by my choice, others by theirs, but then again I wasn't very tight with a large group of people, I had some friends but I worked a full time job while I was in school too so I didn't have much time for a lot of social things. Sorry rambling, happens as you age lol. anyway I don't think real friends should be taken lightly but they will support you in whatever you do if they are true friends 

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Loved ones are not to be put aside, that's basic morality in my eyes. Thinking about friendship as in "it may always end, so why not end it now", is a way of thinking I do not like. At all.

I know what you are saying and believe me i have some really good friends from high school.

But those were really close friends even then, and the other ones ( like 95%) of the people i used to hang out with in high school i never even saw again.

And i know AppelJack pretty well, if he were close with this guy he wouldn't even consider this.

I am not one who doesn't care about my friends, i would give them my last penny if i could and i would never ever do something to harm them.

I once made a big decision like that and i am glad i did it because otherwise i would never have been with the man of my life.

So i will always say that you have to follow your heart no matter what.


But maybe you should consider talking to the guy and making sure he is over this girl, AppleJacky :) or just tell him u have feelings for the girl and you just wanted him to know before he sees you holding hands and freaks out about it. This might even save you a black eye or two :P



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Dude- screw the bro code. This is not elementary school nor middle school nor high school. Peeps need to grow up. The worst she could do is say no and if you lose a friend(s) over that, then they weren't great friends or need to mature a little. Never be afraid to follow your gut, heart or instinct. Live by your own rules, not society or others in fear.







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I dated a girl for 3 years that my childhood best friend was "just using for sex."


He and I both eventually got hostile. She cheated on me with him at the end. We broke up... but most of the 3 years was pretty good, and she DID spend $800 on front row Sixers tickets for my birthday back when Iverson was still playing. 


I have buried the hatchet with the dude, and my last trip to New Orleans, where he moved, we hung out, had a few hurricanes, and hit Bourbon Street.


Life is all about experience, really. You don't get stories from inaction. If she seems important, then act like it. 

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If you don't wanna move fast you could take her hand during one of your talks..that shows affection and interest.depending on her reaction move from there..too slow and you will be friend zoned... :-)

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