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I want the new A vs P but I dont want to buy it. I know, thats a crappy way to be but hey, I am living on a budget at the moment.

Anyway, my question to all of you techie people out there is this... We have downloaded movies and videos right....? but is there a place where you can download new video games. Not Demos or trials--full version of game.

Is that even possible due to needing a code or key at install?

If you are one of the very few people that has never used limewire, napster or downloaded from any bit torrent site then just ignore this post. I dont want anyone to venture of into areas of questionable behavior that they dont feel comfortable with.

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i use uTorrent together with piratebay,works alot easyer as limewire(more virus and bullshit)
also if im searching for music,mostly i go to youtube and after that i got a application called youtube to mp3/mp4 converter..

so if u want a game/movie or smth just download utorrent/bitcomet and all that kinda applications,just go to piratebay,typ in ur game/movie u want then click on search,after that uve gotta check which link got the most seeders/leechers after that click on download,it automaticly transfers the link into utorrent,and just wait till its done with dling..
maybe u've got to download deamontools or magicISO because most games are ISO files,mouth them with deamontools,and then go to ur computer,click on the virtual disk.
then you should be at the game installation screen,if the installation asks for a serial or code just go to gamecopyworld..

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Posting websites linking to illegal/crack softwares is not allowed. Thank you!



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It's also always good to check the comments on torrent files, as they usually contain feedback on the posted file so you can judge better whether you'll be able to use the file and how it will work.
And also since no game is the same, every game has it's issues/procedures getting it to work, so you'll bump into more or less trouble (if any) depending on the game itself.



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Just download demo from steam

I got that game and it is really f***in awsome man.

I am going to get BF:BC2 and A VS. P, and it is going to be fortunate. :(

telling ya money is good

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