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Try to Help person got Cancer Virus,

- - - - - any information

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Hello guys,

Friend of my from June/2010 until now , he fight the cancer virus.

His body become so weak , he is now 40 years old
can't move as well and you know the rest.

Here in our country,
we got no help on this virus
and the person who stay here and fight this virus in the end he will dead ...

I got his Analysis reported by some doctors here ( If you need it I can PMs you )
but every single report got Different cancer virus , Like they know nothing about Cancers.

I did enquiry to http://www.doctorinternet.info/ with reported

and I hope to looking for more Information here.

I hope to get some information,

try to help this person to Travel abroad for Cancer treatment

and got his medication outside here.

Have fun !!

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First .... sorry to hear about this.

Now, the type of cancer & what stage it is will determine what the next step is.

I can't tell you what exactly to do (laws), but if you get me the information, I can tell you what can typically be done here in the US.



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This disease is unforgiving. Cancer is treated with difficulty :(



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Sorry to hear about this as well... If you are looking for treatment abroad, be prepared for it to be expensive. Though, depending on the situation, you might be able to get some charities to help out.

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