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Happy Vetrans Day!

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Just wanted to Thank our vetrans for serving!

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I had the honor of getting to server 3 marines lunch and a few pints today.


Thanks to everybody to ever wear a uniform.



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I enjoyed a free meal today at 'Texas Roadhouse Grill'. It was pretty tastefull. Got a free lunch since I am military and I had a few margaritas top shelf with patron. =D

On the bigger note...There are many people still in danger here today. We must also look back on the hero's of the past as well. I wear the uniform and I respect everything about this job. I also respect the 'civilians' that support the troops as well as the vets. Today was a day to honor it all. Thank you all who take this day seriously. If the world would all come together as one maybe it would cost less lives than what has been lost.

Thank you.

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