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A Bug? Or Imposter?

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J!mbonious maximus

J!mbonious maximus


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Unknown at this point
earlier today i tried to start up et, but it crashed, then i started it again and went on the jay2 server, but then i got kicked for name stealing, but when i get back online i changed my name to see whose name i "stole". i found out there is another j!mbonious maximus, same as me. some people are calling it a hack, some a bug and i call it an imposter. what is really going on?! please help!

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First of all this is in the wrong section.

Second thing can you add more details. Server name, did you get an error code of any code when it crashed before you logged back in and got kicked?



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When this happens, it's usually because someone unknowingly has 2 instances of ET running. So you get on the same server twice, one of "you" is getting kicked for namestealing. Anyways I doubt it's an imposter, who would want to steal J!mbo's name? :lol2:



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You freeze out way earlier then server drops out you for msg overflow or so, you freezed out and you instantly reconnected and you could see your name in the list, the one is being kicked but due to the two same name PB kicked out you, dont know why always kick the real player and not the crashed one. Its not likely there was a namestealer with the exact name, some hacker steal name with one character different but never the exact same due to the PB kick..

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