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How many people use custom keyboard/mouse when playing COD?

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ROFL. You've all got some really nice equipment.

I use a waterproof keyborad (SealShield) since I tend to spill coffee on shit.. No gaming hotkeys or volume controls. Just a simple keyboard.

And I use a really sweet Logitech MX300 Optical mouse. (circa 2006)

And since I have a glass desk, and optical mice don't work on glass, I ripped apart an old MEAD 5 star binder to snag the hard plastic backing, then secured it to my desk using several loops of duct tape.

It's a rough textured surface. It has actually worn the rubber feet off of the mouse, and has begun to file down the hard plastic underside of the mouse as well.... The plastic binder backing has bowed and has now formed a slight hill. BUT I still maintain a pretty stable 1.3 KD on ET, and it's slowly climbing :)

I'll have to get pics of my crap once I clean off my desk.. lol I have HDD magnets, a molex connector, and an LCD screen from a motorola Razr, among other shit in a small pile next to my "mouse pad" :yahoo

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I always finish in the top 3 players in cod in each game, more often 1st then others and I think that good mouses and keyboards dont really help. I use the keyboard and mouse that came with my computer, office type ones and they are perfectly fine for me. I like the small mouse rather then more expensive bigger mouses as its easier to grip and hold and you got more control over it. So if you need a new one, and you got the money, then buy a good one but if the one your using now is fine then just use that. :)



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It seems that some of the best players have lightning reflexes. What is the the most likely reason for this?

This is most likely the result of genetic intervention, depending on the selective pressure, it could be a coincidence that the players happened to possess the reflex gene. Could also be due to intense COD training, this is your environmental factor, if they have to react quickly often then it becomes second nature.

It could also be a ping difference between the two players...




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When I play COD4 I am on a laptop with a external mouse and an external monitor. I don't need anything else to play the game really

milli vanilli

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generic mouse and k/b.



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Hey Black, is that the new 5 1/2 floppy drive, or is it one of the older 10in drives? The counter on my tape drive is busted and I'm looking to upgrade...

Personally I'm just using a standard Microsoft keyboard with an optical wireless mouse. The only issues I have with the mouse is that it is sensitive to the type of mouse pad I'm using. If the pad isn't completely flat (sometimes it can get an air bubble under it) the mouse will react slower. I haven't quite got that one figured out, but the optical is much better than having to clean the roller all the time with an analog mouse.

As far as the graphics card, i did upgrage to a Geforce 9800GT for Black Ops and Medal of Honor, but not that big of a change for COD4.

The bigest impact to my game is my mood and my gun choice. Sometimes I push to rush in and shoot any & everything when I really should be doing more sniping. Other time's I just get bored with sniping and stop paying attention. So my advice would be to play around with the different classes an make them to fit your style AND the maps/game types that are in the rotation.

Everytime we change rotations, I have to make new classes or at least play the ones I have totally different. But like most of you know, that's the fun part.

Good luck. And BTW, if you ever see me say "Catch", run!

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