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Get quaked 3

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A step in the right direction
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Its an older Quake Movie , but man , as always impressing watching those skilled players , especially the preaim rocket shots , just awesome :)

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Unknown at this point
Yeah quake 3 is one of those games where you absolutely need lightning fast reflexes to do good in.
Fun game though I play it from time to time.



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In quake 3 the secret of success with rocket launcher is to take advantage of the splash damage from this weapon, But instaunlagged is the choice of a real sexy man, They give you a railgun (sniper) with 999 ammo and one shot kills but you can only fire 1 shot per 3 seconds so you have to be really accurate.

There's a mod called Beryllium that is like the equivalent of Jaymod and is commonly a mod for fun servers.Another fun mod is the "freeze tag" mod that 2 teams fight and when your health reaches 0, you will "freeze" and you will not be able to respawn unless a team member gets close to you and thaw you. Defrag mod is the equivalent of trickjump mod and i must say that quake 3 defrag maps are more detailed than wolfenstein's :D

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