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  • Submitted: Feb 01 2012 10:48 AM
  • Last Updated: Feb 01 2012 10:48 AM
  • File Size: 6.69MB
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  • Approved by: daredevil
  • Approved on: 12 February 2012 - 01:34 AM

Download CODJumper Mod

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Drofder with additions from Soviet
Description: The latest version of Drofder's CoD4 CoDJumper mod, with added features including removed nades, no damage, damage check, improved admin options as well as vote control features. Punish commands (force kill, flashbang and spectate) the option to enable / disable RPG launchers and more. This version of the mod also allows GUID based promotion for both admins and VIP players. There is a custom in game menu included with this mod, accessible by using the 'quick chat' options, for updated speech, and graphics tweaks. You can now also set your vote and save options through your games control menu, as well as altering graphics options through the multiplayer options menu.

Setting up the CoDJumper mod for a public game server:



1) Download the file from here and extract it.
2) Create a new folder named "codjumperv3_12" in the "Mods" folder on your server (if one doesn't exist, create it).
3) Upload the two files named "mod.ff" & "z_cod4jumper.iwd" (found in your recently extracted folder) into the newly created folder named "codjumperv3_12". If you wish to use the official CoDJumper.com skins then you can place "z_cod4jumper_skins.iwd" in the same folder as the other two files.
4) Edit "default_server.cfg" accordingly and place it in the "main" directory on your server. You may also want to rename the file to something more appropriate (see red text below regarding this).
5) Next you must edit the command line for the server. This is where it gets slightly complicated - how you do this depends on what company you have bought your game server from. I will continue the instructions based on the control panel provided by LowPings.net:
A) Select your game server, and then click "Command Line Changer".
B) Click on the "New" link.
C) In the "Command Line Name" box, enter "codjumperv3_12".
D) Tick the "+set fs_game" checkbox and enter "mods/codjumperv3_12" into the textbox.
E) Tick the "+set sv_punkbuster " checkbox and enter "1" into the textbox.
F) Tick the "+exec" checkbox and enter the name of your server config, e.g. "7897987server.cfg"
(it's recommended that you don't use a predictable config name such as server.cfg due to an exploit where people can download your server config and consequently get your RCON password.)
G) Click "Save", and then on the Command Line Changer list page, click "Select" next to your new codjumperv3_12 entry.
6) Restart your server, it should be running successfully now!


GUID admin on a CoD4 server

If you wish to auto-promote certain people when they join your server, then follow these simple instuctions:

1) Add the following lines to your server config (or if they are already in your config, edit accordingly):
set cj_autoadmin "1"
set cj_adminguids ""
2) Insert the GUIDs and player names of the people whom you want to promote. The format should be as follows:
set cj_adminguids "guid1,name1,rank1,guid2,name2,rank2,guid3,name3,rank3".
The rank takes the form of a "1" for VIP and "2" for Admin.
3) You can have as many people as possible in it. You must make sure that it is the FULL GUID (32 characters), and there must be no spaces before/after the commas.
4) Once you've set it up, people who are in the list should get automatically promoted if they're using the name specified in the config.

Here is an example of how it should be used (I've changed the GUIDs from their original values):
set cj_adminguids "adfe897a00c6633abbb95b9b12624d8a,[email protected],2,874e8bbcb0df78a1059ad8d2bcae97e7,[email protected],1,
2f4eb471b44eeb2bb42fda57aadc423b,[email protected],1,02d326c7317bb3cda97685a690cf3340,[email protected],2"

GUID admins have the ability to promote/demote other plays in the game server, and have access to the CoDJumper mod admin panel, so only add people to your GUID admin list whom you trust! Note that you can't auto-promote people to VIP rank, that must be done manually each time they join. If you get the message "GUID admin detected" then it means that you have the correct GUID, but your name isn't as listed in the config. Also, make sure you use the GUID it provides when you do "/rcon status", NOT the "/pb_myguid" GUID.

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