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When i'm still at the topic of music, browsing youtube (can do that for hours)

I came across a new album of Ayreon.

not really sure how many know Ayreon just wanted to share this kind of music.


Ayreon is created by Arjen Lucassen, A dutch singer/ composer and music artist.


The great thing about Ayreon.   every album is some kind of project.    the whole album is kind of a story,

with every time different and multiple singers from all over the world.


It's kind of a progressive rock opera genre, not all will enjoy it..  but if you do, you will be swept away.

Ayreon exsist since about the begin 90's with many music styles..  and even before the man behind Ayreon

already made lots of music.


Below the link to it's newest album, and pls let me know what you think about it..  


In my opinion Ayreon should be known all over the world.

So in short about Ayreon..  enjoy the music


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