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How to Find and Submit your SteamID

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First a special thanks to Narug0 for letting me rewrite his original tutorial! <3

Hiya! So you're thinking of applying! Ooooor maybe you just want to add your Steam ID number to the provided profile slot! Hurrah! We're here to help!


Many people are not exactly sure what a SteamID is, or tend to confuse a SteamID with a community profile link. Now, both serve a very similar purpose in identifying individual Steam accounts, but a SteamID is able to do so much more in terms of giving someone information. A Steam community profile link can be changed any time. You can change your username or maybe your custom url, but a SteamID is a unique identifier that is tied to your steam account and can not be changed.


Some very brief information!



As Represented Textually

SteamIDs follow a fairly simple format when represented textually: "STEAM_X:Y:Z", where X, Y and Z are integers. In select cases "STEAM_ID_PENDING" or "UNKNOWN" are used (see the section 'Types of Steam Accounts' for more details).

  • X represents the "Universe" the steam account belongs to.
  • Y is part of the ID number for the account. Y is either 0 or 1.
  • Z is the ID number for the account (the "account number").
As Represented in Computer Programs

When represented internally in computer programs the X, Y and Z components (see the section titled 'As Represented Textually') are all packed into a 64-bit data structure.

  • The low 32 bits represents the ID number for the account (the "account number").
  • The next 20 bits represents the instance of the account. It is usually set to 1 for user accounts.
  • The next 4 bits represents the type of account.
  • The next 8 bits represents the "Universe" the steam account belongs to.



If you would like to learn more, please see: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamID





Now that the information is out of the way, let's get to finding your very own SteamID!




1: First thing you want to do is to go to http://store.steampowered.com/ and log in... go straight to your profile! Once you're at your profile, you will want to look up top for your profile URL. This you will need! Copy it.  :)

2: Now venture over to http://steamrep.com/ ! This is a really easy way to get your steam ID. Once there, paste your steam community link into the provided box. :3

3: Done? Good! Now you will see a bunch of random info... but the only line we want is the SteamID32 as shown here. Copy the portion in all caps and the numbers that follow. (Example: STEAM_0:0:37911251)


4: Mmmk. Now log into the Fearless Assassins forums and go to your profile settings. Just click on your own name at the top right of the forum to open the drop down menu. Click on My Settings. ^.^


5: Scroll allllll the way to the GUID section at the bottom. You will see an empty Steam ID box. Paste your Steam ID here. Then just click save and you are all set!




hat's it! Very simple!


Thank you for taking the time to view this tutorial, I hope it has helped in some way or another! <3


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