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Silent & normal guid and adding to your profile. - Enemy Territory

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1. Start the game and open Console useing ~ key.


2. Type /clear and then /pb_myguid


3. Then type /condump myguid.txt 

3.1 You should see something like this. (at the xxxxetc.you should see your GUID )


4. Close ET. Look in your Jaymod folder and you will find the file named: Myguid.txt. Open it and you will see your GUID in it. 





Silent GUID.


1. Start Wolfenstein: ET. Connect to a Fearless Assasins Silent server.

  • silent1.clan-fa.com
  • fun1.clan-fa.com
  • hc.clan-fa.com
  • sw.clan-fa.com:27970
  • b2.clan-fa.com
2. Type /clear in your console.


3. Type /sil_guid into console. The command will show 30 digits followed by:2 looking like this: "sil_guid" is:"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXNNNNNNNN:2".


4. type /condump mysilentguid in your console.


5. Go to the map where you have installed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. 

    Open the map called Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory -> Silent -> double click on sil_guid.txt 



 Submit (Silent) Guide.


1. When you are logged onto forum, go to your profile by clicking your name on the top right.


2. click on the right "Edit my Profile"


3. Scroll down to the bottom, till you are at the section GUID.



Here you put the full 32 characters from your myguid.txt file.


Here you fill in the last 8 characters of your GUID.


Here you put the 30 digits of your guid ( exclude ":2" of your Silent Guid)


Here you fill in the last 8 characters of your Silent Guid ( Also here exclude ":2")


4. Then click on save changes.


How should it look when you are on the point to save the changes.



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