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Mom, you're all for me!, I love you!!

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A young man who played Soft Ball, was never noticed as a great player, sad most of the time without paying the necessary and always accompanied by his mother, one afternoon he received some bad news:

Manager: Hello, very sad for me to tell you this and more in the middle of a game, but your mother who always accompany you just died, I'm sorry.

The young man just lowered his head and entered the game, never played as a notable performance was clearly for the first time gave herself completely and did win the game, everyone clapped at the end the coach approached him and asked:

"Because, now that your mother has just died, just give one of the best games of your life, Why?, if your mother is with you no more. - He answer.

"You know, my mother was blind and accompanied me whenever I was sad that she could not see my moves, but now that is in heaven, now she can see me from there i wanted to give the best game just for her"


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