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Thomas Le Martelot

Mute for ever ??


Hello my name is: [DIABOLIK]DX and i play on the FA recruting, i am mute about 2 days ago :) can u demute me plz :) beacause all FA members can't demute me ? a problem of u plugin ? maybe

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I never insulted players in french: i speak "franglish" because i'm very bad in english :)

martinix ok mais j'ai juste fais une pahrase en anglais et en francais, je vois pas pourquoi je serais mute 2 jours voir plus pour ça --' surtout que j'y peut rien si chuis nul en anglais ^^

If that was me on server on this time, you had 3/7 or 14 days mute, so be happy.

French insults are not allowed, if you want to speak french, use pm......with no insults.


PS : le respect des autres commence par le respect de sois même

Respect players and we will respect you.


Here our rules : http://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

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