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Cloud based gaming?

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Have you ever heard of Theme Hospital through Origin? I want to say there's might be but I hate it. How's robocraft? Do you like how it functions?


It seems like everything is starting to go towards the cloud. Even my job is about to transfer to cloud based software for training and it just makes me worry because it seems to be super easy to hack. 

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Sony has a beta running at the moment for their 'PlayStation Now' network. You can rent ps3 and vita games online and play them on your sony devices over the cloud. Me and my wife tested one of the resident evil games over PlayStation now. The technology works well, the Sony content and the pricing model are not optimal yet (but that's more politics than the technology itself)

Technology pushes into the direction since a while. Also in enterprise environments with thin clients and  terminal server solutions like citrix.


Here the Sony link:




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