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So most of the time I'm home I spend on my computer. From the time I get hone from school I'm on my computer playing games or being on forums. If I'm not on my computer I'm either not home or I'm in bed on my phone or asleep. I got off early today at 8:00 (really early for me) I took a shower and just sat in the living room writing a note to my fiancé. My mom and uncle were watching TV and me not being much of a talker around them (I'm really shy in person). They were talking about work and all that stuff and they were asking me how I was doing and how my day was. I started to realize that they really do care about me and love me. And I haven't felt this kind of love in my life before. I want you guys to get off your computers for a little and at least talk to your family, friends, or loved one. And remember that I love you guys. Once a family always a =F|A=mily.

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F|A Family is for life!

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