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Mr. Grimm

Celebrity Crush - The Grimm Train

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Raise your hand if you have a celebrity crush.


*raises hand*


...I noticed you didn't raise your hand. And I also noticed that you're a liar.


Think about it! Celebrity crushes are so dumb, yet we all have them. Even if you have a girlfriend, even if you're married!


For what it's worth, my celebrity crush might or might not be Chelsea Alden. (it is).


She's an actress that plays in The Online Gamer, my favorite YouTube web series. And may I just add... she looks like she fell from the sexy tree and hit every branch on the way down.


So, uh... Yeah! Feel free to reply to your celebrity crush... because we already know that you have one.


~Mr. Grimm, The Grimm Train

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My top crush is Emma WillisEmma_Willis.jpg

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