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Big Boobs Nurse

another Big Boobs Nurse



another player is using my nick,

first it was fun, but he still using my nick even when i'm offline, i dont want to have any problem cause of him

he is on jay 1 nick in blue, mine is green with more 1000000 xp

swiss ask me if i wanted he rename him but i say it's ok, but not its annoying, like i said i dont want any problem, i dunno what he do.

thanks for help ^^

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we know, you are the only one with Big Boobs :D



"daredevil" Allowed. I don't have copyright for my name. =F|A= Daredevil not allowed. Their is one guy playing with name joedirt white letters. I always allow him. Why? It's not reason to fight over just one name. 

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