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Rorke's Drift

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Today marks the anniversary of the battle of Rorke's Drift  fought during the Zulu war on Jan 22-23 1879. This action holds the distinction of having the highest number of Victoria Cross's awarded to one regiment for one action. 


 eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded. Seven to the 2nd Battalion, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot, one to the Army Medical Department, one to the Royal Engineers, one to the Commissariat and Transport Department and one to the Natal Native Contingent.


there may have been more but the VC was not awarded posthumously until 1905.


These 150 men defended a small supply post against 4000 zulus, and paid heavily for the post but prevailed.


Please take a moment today to remember those brave men and maybe learn a little about a often under remembered war  



http://www.rorkesdriftvc.com/‎  for more information. 


the movie Zulu is about this action and while it is a movie so prone to creative license and not completely historically accurate, it does give a good impression of what the defenders of the drift were up against and went through.



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