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Hilfe! Medic! Problem with ET //crashing//


Hallo all. :) I'm Naughty_Nurse a.k.a Lorena*oO?! You may know me from FA NQ ( sometimes I also play at your jaymod server) :)

About 5 days ago I got strange problem with my ET. When I press few times ALT (bind for check out stats) or TAB ( bind for check out teams) ,sometimes when I open my console my vittu ET is just crashing. I've never got something like that.

It's not pb kick or something - it's error from Windows (I use Vista) ,that blablabla ET.exe doesnt work.

Scanned my OS a few times - no viruses.

Reinstalled my ET - still got that problem.

I also changed binds ( alt for 'x' ) - same problem.


2 days ago I played Oasis map - pressed all the time those buttons - nothing wrong happend. But when I was playing next map - after few times when I used alt - got crashed.

To be honest - I wont to format my pc. That's because I'm writing here.


I hope somebody could help me :(


Cheers :*

Catalina aka NN ;)

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Whao lol, just checked that topic ... and the same shit happened to me LOL, i have the same graphic card, everything same as you, vista , 2.60b, everything same, but sfinxter helped me and it only crashes few times idk why ... i'll try to download the link you gave intent, thx in advance!

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