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Angry Mosquito - Alex

MTR on Mac

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Start by downloading the latest .tar.gz. file on this link. Copy the link in safari. Itll open a dialog box so you can log in, choose guest so you dont need any password. Then scroll down to the end and select the latest .tar.gz (the latest will be the highest number, as for now it is mgr-0.85.tar.gz. The file you need is mtr-0.81. This file will show up on a "finder" folder, so just drag it to your downloads folder.




Now you need to unpack it. Double click on the file in finder to open it. Since it should be on your Downloads folder, open terminal (if you dont know where this is, just type terminal on spotlight-the magnifying glass on your top right) and type the following (you must press enter between each line)


cd Downloads

cd mtr-0.81

export LIBS='-lm -ltermcap -lresolv'



sudo make install

alias mtr=/usr/local/sbin/mtr


Now you need to save this alias, so type the following and press enter:


open ~/.bash_profile


Then you need to add this to the file (type on terminal):

alias mtr=/usr/local/sbin/mtr


Finally, to use it, open terminal and type mtr and the IP address like this:



Youll see it working right away.


I cant attach the file you need because of its type.


I hope this becomes useful for one or more of you



This tutorial was found here:




I just explained it in a way i think would be more fitting for some, but the code is copied from there.

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