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ET with black bars on each side (FIX)


Ok so I had this problem a few montha ago , asked some dudes gifted with master ET knowlege , searched on google , etc .

Nobody could give a real answer ( I believe Alexandra had this problem for black ops 2) .

Found the fix a few months ago but just realised I never shared it :P


This works for all games that use IDsoftware engines. Quake engine , IDtech etc so RTCW, ET , Quake , all CODs etc.


This probleme occurs when r_displayrefresh is higher than what your screen support.

It's as simple as that !

Often happened to people they tried old ET oldschooler's CFGs .

Most of them used ( or still use) cathode ray tude monitors which refresh rate was 120Mhz.

That extra refresh rate is suposed to be better to play ET ( once again etpro oldschoolers tales , won't see any differance imo ).

LCD screens max refresh rate is normally 60 so set r_displayrefresh at 60.

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PS : do not mix this problem with running a resolution that doesn't fit your screen. Ex: 4/3 res on 16/9 screen

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