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Screenshots Aren't saved in NQ/HC/BEGINNERS folder


Goodevening , 


I know Chuckun already made a tutorial bout run Et as administrator + enable PB to be able to save your scrrenies in the right folder..

but i still have same problem for ss on No>Quarter/BEGINNERS & Hardcore/silent

ONly the ss i take on jay 1/2 are saved in C:/wolf/ET/jaymod/screenshots


So my screenie of Unbalanced teams on Beginner server isnt saved... them members got away with it this time.




FA should hold TAB more often to look at teams + when asked to even up do it already ... not wait till map is over and server empty 

cos maybe you only want to rate , but in case you didnt know how rating works :

if players disconnect and there's less then 5 vs 5 you wont rate !

and if 10 vs 8 and you swap teams you will be given a rating after all .

(ps: fix tank as engie -> more points then a kill as medic ! )




Anyhow ,  Any ideas how i can save my pictures ? 


cheerio$ FABro$



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then you should have only 1 installation. well, you should try docwarren's idea by searching the screenshot.


maybe you look first for 00212.jpeg or for *2.jpeg to reduce the hits.

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