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Firefox: changing about:blank color

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So like most of you probably already know: I hate white as background in pretty much everything and will do whatever possible to change the white to a darker color.


In Firefox I had pretty much everything on gray/black with the use of a theme you can download (CLICK), except for the about:blank page.

You know that page that you sometimes see for a split second when a page is loading (or if you got in your settings: the page that opens when you open a new tab).


So I went googling and it turned out be a real easy fix:


Step 1: go to %appdata%/mozilla/firefox/profiles and open the folder in there.

Note: you will get a folder with a 'random' name (if you got more folders, pick the one last edited. This is most likely the profile you are using)


Step 2: Check if you got a chrome folder, if not create one.

Step 3: Open notepad (or whatever program capable of handling .css files)

Step 4: add this:


@-moz-document url-prefix(about:blank) {*{background-color:#222222;}}

Note: the #222222 is the color of your selection. You can use a colorpicker to get this code.


Step 5: Save this files as userContent.css in the chrome folder (you made)

(Step 6: reboot your firefox, it should make the about:blank page whatever color you selected)

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