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The FJ-42 was one of the most elite guns of the war it was used by the FALLSHIRMJAGER that are German paratroopers the were more elite than the American paratroopers by a mile. And to get one today would cost u about 100,000 plus for class 3 firearms.

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There beter than a mp 40 and the crappy sten




mp40/thompson are more versatile -- the fg42 is terrible at medium or long range but smg's are not so bad, plus you get more ammo and a lot better chance of finding ammo on corpses.


the sten overheats if you shoot too many bullets - but that makes you fire in bursts and forces you to be more accurate instead of "spray and pray" with your bullets. it's the most accurate gun in the game at any distance ( except maybe k43 etc when using the scope - but it IS more accurate than a fg42 while scoped! ).


the fg42 is really good for close-combat because of it's high rate of fire. that's the only good thing about it IMO.

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