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How to be a Killer Kamper and a Kamper Killer in COD4

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Below is a bit of common knowledge about campers as in a "how to effectively camp" and "how to eliminate campers" by learning their habits. This is based off of Cod4 hardcore games and maps, so if you are new to the game, new to hardcore, have a hard time dealing with campers, or just want to change game styles for a bit – read on. Also, below are a few screen shots as examples.


Okay a lot of people don’t like campers and the reasons can vary, but camping is a tried and true method of holding ground or picking off enemy targets. I find that the ones who complain the most about campers are the ones that have a hard time dealing with beating them. I’ve found in order to beat them with ease it helps to learn how they operate so you can sneak in and get them.


When someone sets up in a sniper position they can stay in one spot and get several kills from across the map and little is said about camping because they are sniping. Well I do the same thing, but rather than having a ghillie suite on or a bolt action .308 I use a M16 and pick a strategic spot for concealment and target opportunities. It is very much like deer hunting funnels. You scout, find a funnel, and set up a stand to wait for a deer to come through.


The method I use in Cod4 I’ll refer to as “threading the needle” because my target opportunities are funneled trough a tight spot like a thread through the eye of a needle. The spots I pick are not secrets, but a lot of people don’t always seek them out. The spots offer me some protection in the front with a vehicle, barricade, or a wall of some type. This does not mean I’m completely protected, as I have to keep an eye on radar for someone trying to flank me or sneak in from behind. I also don’t watch the radar long because every time I look up at the radar, a target is missed as it has passed through while I wasn’t watching. This is the disadvantage of having across the map shots and focusing on one specific spot.


I do prefer to pick spots that give me as long of a shot I can get while funneling people through a specific area. Sometimes I can get seven plus kills without moving anything other than my trigger finger (actually pressing my left mouse button for fire). The less movement I make the less likely I’ll be seen. To me it is fun getting a 20 plus kill streak by killing people that just keep coming back for more.


Now with that said, these spots are not perfect. Some players catch on or are familiar with the strategy and learn quickly how to nade, rpg, or snipe you right out of there. If this happens more than once, abandon the spot because it isn’t worth it. This is where you as a camper need to have several spots per map picked out so you can move and adapt. Think of it as striking your tent and pitching it on higher ground when the spot you’ve picked is flooded out by the enemy. It seems an oxymoron stating a camper must move, but this is a necessity at times especially when spots go cold and you have no targets to shoot. So even if you are camping, don’t be afraid to relocate when needed.


Now for me as a known camper, if an enemy is camping in a spot I am familiar with I know how to come around and get them why they are waiting and watching the other direction. This is a great opportunity for knifers (I’m not coordinated enough for this so I just shoot them when given the chance). I’ll sneak in and snipe them or nade them when necessary. So when I am faced with a camper that refuses to move or relocate they become an easy target especially if I can flank them. I’ve actually killed guys in the same spot many times over just because the refused to move.


Whether you run around, creep around, snipe, nade, knife or use a combinations of some or all; learning the habits of campers can assist you not only in defeating them, but allowing you to change up and pick up some additional kills by taking a break by the fire and roasting a few of the enemy over the flames of your assault rifle. If you’re tired from running around all the time, pull up a log and rest your feet by the fire. I promise I will not mind.


Below are a few screen shots of common funnels where people come through a tight spot and make for an easy target. There are of course other spots in these maps that are just as effective if not better for camping so it would be wise to learn these for hunting purposes. This will allow you to camp or kill campers more effectively.
















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