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Tags such as [x]


On most servers, 4fun bet on mods: NoQuarter, JayMod, ETPub can use tags like [x].


What does that even mean? That's right ... The table below shows all the shortcuts and solves our problem:


Shortcut Description

[a] - the player who gave you the last ammunition

[d] - the player who killed you last

[h] - the player who last gave you a first aid kit

[k] - a player whose last kill

[l] - your location on the map

[n] - your name

[p] - a player whose last looked

[r] - a player who recently revived you inject

- your current amount of HP

[w] - weapon you hold in your hands

[t] - ammo for this weapon



This means that if chat'cie write any of these tags will be written text, which describes the last column in our table.


Sample Binds:

bind X "vsay_team needmedic ^ 7Need a medic, because I only have HP!"

bind X "vsay greatshot ^ 7Great shot, [d]!"

bind X "say ^ 7 [k] ^ 9 - I killed you [in] and I have been on the HP!"



At the end I will add that if you have your own server, but they are like [x] do not work on your server, you must use the command g_shortcuts "1" - Enables shortcut on the server.

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