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Dynamite (my Tactic)


Dynamite is mainly charge to destroy objectivów. Here are some useful tips and information on the use of dynamite.


# 1


Dynamite as a weapon. When you're a senior engineer, and your team has made CP, and then you can plant a 2-3 dynamites arm up in a row. Lay them in a place where the enemy will have to go. Even if you do not kill, opóźnisz his attack for a few seconds, or cause the person will have to quickly run through this place, exposing themselves to fire your department and not being able to attack with surprise.


# 2


Throw dynamite at CP and jumping equip it. It is important that dynamite does not protrude beyond the edge of CP, because then you can disarm it from the ground. Yes podłożony dynamite takes much more time before it disarms the enemy engineer, and very often destroys both the CP and disarming enemy engineer branch.


# 3


An example will be to bridge the Fueldump, but this applies to all objectivów consisting of stages. If the first part of the bridge is already built, and the opposing surfaces of dynamite, it is advisable not only to disarm the dynamite you need to build the second part of the bridge and construction somehow "devour" dynamite.


# 4


Similarly, two-piece construction, can not be destroyed during construction (Under construction - then this is clear). If the enemy bases in the first part of the dynamite objectivu enough that only the tweezers touch the materials to build and even dynamite to explode, it's not destroy objectivu.


# 5


Underlaid two dynamites the objective or one. First underlaid up dynamite in a hidden place, then the background (or just Drop) the second dynamite in a prominent place. Engineer opponent certainly will be the first dynamite view. If this was only the second dynamite dropped, and we play FFA is so funny sometimes less skillowi as players try to disarm the unarmed dynamite. :)


# 6


On maps where the escort vehicle, backing dynamite against the barrier, so that after arming it invaded our vehicle. In this way the load is not to disarm.



# 7


Underlaid dynamite in front of our tank or other vehicle, well before the barrier. When the tank gets to the barrier, the dynamite explodes and destroys it.

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