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ET introduction and how to play guide - Enemy Territory

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C. Playing Enemy Territory


Enemy Territory's maps can be played in a variety of ways, but mainly involve constructing, destroying or taking Objectives. The objectives can be studied in the Command Map by hitting (G) or the Limbo Menu by hitting (L).


To switch to a weapon or tool, press its corresponding number key or cycle to it using the next/previous weapon keys. To use it, press the fire button. Short taps of the Fire button will fire single shots. Hold down the fire button to fire in a long burst or to use a tool for a longer duration.


Players will suffer damage from weapons (their own team's, as well as the enemy's), from falling from height or drowning. Players can be healed by picking up Health Packs, either from a Medic or from a Health Cabinet.


If a player runs out of health, they die. They can now either be revived by one of their team's Medics, or go back into the Limbo menu and choose another team, class or weapons load-out if they wish. Players in Limbo will respawn in the next reinforcement wave at the Spawn Point they've specified in the Command Map.


Players can always check on the status of objectives and their teammates' locations by checking their Command Map (G). The Command Map will also display any battlefield intelligence gathered by their team's Covert Ops.


Players will be alerted to developments on the battlefield by their Command HQ - automated audio messages telling you the state of play and what your next objective is.


Players can also talk with each other, either by typing text messages (using the T Universal Say or Y Team Say keys) or actuating the pre-recorded voice messages in the Voice Chat menu (V).


Players can also form FireTeams to coordinate their tactics. Players can talk to member of their own FireTeam by using the U FireTeam Say key.


Players will be rewarded for good teamplay with Experience Points, extra skills, promotions and medals at the end of the game.


Don't step on the little flags in the ground - they're Land Mines and they'll kill you!


If you find you can't perform an action or fire a heavy weapon, you probably don't have enough Power Bar.


Building Command Posts will help your team to fight effectively. While not the primary goal of your team, building and protecting your Command Post while destroying the opposing team's Command Post will give your team a definite advantage.




D. Movement


Running, Jumping, Crouching, Leaning, Prone and Crawling


Players move around the battlefield by controlling the direction they face with their mouse or using their direction keys to move in that direction.


Holding down sprint (SHIFT) will give you an extra burst of speed. The Stamina Bar shows how much energy for Sprinting or Jumping you have left. Stamina recharges over time.


Accuracy is improved if you Crouch or if you go Prone. You can move while Prone by crawling. When crawling, you can't shoot, change weapons, or reload. If you are crouched, you can double tap Forward (W) to enter the Prone position (This option can be changed in the Options Menu). Leaning (Default Q and E) allows you to peer around corners without unduly exposing yourself. The price of presenting a smaller target is that you cannot fire any weapon while you are leaning.




E. Game Modes


There are four game modes in Enemy Territory, each with their own particular style of play: Objective Mode, Campaign Mode, Stopwatch Mode, and Last Man Standing.


Objective Mode

In the Objective game mode teams must accomplish a series of tasks or objectives to win. These objectives can include everything from taking control of specific points on the map to destroying key installations. A team must complete all the primary objectives in the time limit to win.


Campaign Mode

Campaign mode is a form of Objective mode that allows players to compete against each other in a series of related maps. Players can increase their Rank and Skills over the course of the campaign and carry them from map to map. Skills and Rewards persist from map to map for the duration of the Campaign.


Stopwatch Mode

In Stopwatch mode, teams must accomplish the objectives in the shortest possible time. At the end of a round the teams will switch. The team that was defending will now attack and must now beat their opponents' time from the previous round. Team-switching is not allowed in Stopwatch mode.


Last Man Standing (LMS)

Last Man Standing is a form of Team Deathmatch where players must completely eliminate the opposing team to win a round. Players have only one life. They can be healed with Health Packs from Medics or Health Cabinets, but will not respawn if killed. In LMS there are no skill points, XP does not count towards your score and there are no objectives other than to wipe out the opposing team. There are no Last Man Standing Campaigns.


Respawning, Reinforcements, and Max Lives

In all game modes except Last Man Standing, players will respawn after they die, meaning that they'll come back to life at the team's spawn point with full health and ammo. Players will respawn in reinforcements, or timed waves, that run continuously. The amount of time left until the next reinforcement respawn is shown in the upper left of the screen when a player is killed. The player will only respawn at the next reinforcement period if they've hit the Jump key (Space) before the clock runs out. If the player hasn't hit the jump key, they will stay in limbo and will not respawn. Players can use the reinforcement time to configure their class and weapon in the Limbo Menu.


All game modes apart from Last Man Standing can use the Max Lives option. This option makes the player pay a price for using up all of his lives. The penalty is set to a default three respawn cycles until he can rejoin the fray.




F. The Campaign Map and Limbo Menus


F.1 The Campaign Map








The Map is color-coded by geographical zone, not national boundaries or historical affiliation. North Africa is sandy, Northern Europe is snowy and wet.


F.2 The Limbo Menu







This is where you gain information about the battlefield and your mission objectives.


1. Filtering options: Show/Hide Axis, Allied and Capturable Spawns, Constructible Command Posts, Health and Ammo Cabinets, Constructible/Destructible Objectives and any Stealable Objectives.


2. Toggle through Primary and Secondary Objectives: this shows you what each Team must accomplish in the map.


3. Play Audio Briefing: this plays or mutes the Audio Briefing describing the impending battle.


4. Objective Camera: this will show you how each Objective appears in the Map. It is a realtime game camera that shows the status of each objective.


5. Skills (Battle Sense, Light Weapons, Active Class Skill), XP: Experience Points, Medals won, Profile Name.


6. Team: Allies/Axis/Spectator

You can use Spectator Mode to observe gameplay without participating. The lamp shows which team has been selected. The counters show how many players are on each team.


7. Class: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops, Covert Ops

Also includes Active Class Skill level, indicated by quartered backlights. The counters show how many players of each class are on the current team.



8. WEAPON SELECTOR (click to pull out)

Weapon choice is limited by Class

1 indicates Primary Weapon

2 indicates Secondary Weapon (usually a pistol)

Shots Fired, Hits Scored, and Accuracy percentage let you keep track of your accuracy and effectiveness.

Some servers may have a limit on the number of certain types of weapons that can be chosen.

9. OK: accepts the current Team, Class and Weapon settings and proceeds to the game.


10. Cancel: takes you back to the game without applying any changes.




G. The HUD





The Head-Up Display or HUD displays important information about your player character without obscuring your view of the battlefield around you.





Compass map

This Compass shows a close-up view of your Command Map, and displays elements on the battlefield such as Land Mines (your team's and spotted enemy Land Mines), fallen team-mates and objectives. Hit (G) to study your Command Map in greater detail.



Countdown Timer

The Countdown Timer shows how much time has elapsed on that map. Time remaining to the next spawn wave appears in blue.



Fire Team

Shows the players in your FireTeam.


Player Info

Avatar of Pain shows general status and Rank. The Health Point Counter shows specific Health. The Health Bar shows relative Health. The Stamina Bar shows if Sprinting and Jumping is possible. The Class Skill Battle Sense and Light Weapons Skill indicator are also shown here.



Ammo and weapons status

Shows which weapon is equipped and how much ammunition is left in the current magazine.


The Power Bar

The height of your Power Bar limits how often you can perform certain actions. Power Bar-depleting tasks include Class-specific actions (Field Ops calling in Airstrikes, Engineers planting Land Mines or Dynamite, Medics distributing Health Packs) and firing certain weapons (the Panzerfaust, Mortar and Grenade Launcher).



H. Strategic Objectives


There are several different kinds of objective on the battlefield. Some can be constructed, destroyed, captured or only used by one team.


H.1 Team Doors


Team Doors can only be used by players of the appropriate team or an enemy Covert Ops in disguise. The Team Door will remain open for a short time before it closes automatically. You may want to check behind you to make sure no enemy player sneaks in behind you. If you attempt to open an enemy Team Door and you're not a disguised Covert Ops, you'll see this icon.






H.2 Constructibles


Some objectives can be constructed by Engineers. These are identified with team-colored flags (or a gray flag for neutral constructibles, which can be constructed by both teams). Engineers can build them by moving to them until the gray "Build" icon is displayed, and then using their Engineer's tool. A blue bar indicates progress. All constructibles can be destroyed with Dynamite, though some can be destroyed with a Covert Ops Satchel Charge.





Allied Constructible







Axis Constructible








Neutral Constructible



H.3 Command Posts


Command Posts are of great tactical importance in Enemy Territory. Command Posts help the entire team by speeding up the recharge rate of the players' Power Bars. This allows, for instance, Field Ops to call in more Air Strikes and distribute more Ammo Packs, Engineers to defuse Dynamite more often and Soldiers to fire their mortars more often.


Command Posts are indicated on the Command Map by this icon or . They can be constructed by Engineers and destroyed by Satchel Charges or Dynamite. They are unaffected by Hand Grenades, Rifle Grenades or Flamethrowers.







H.4 Health and Ammo Cabinets


Constructing Command Posts will sometimes also give you an Ammo and Health Cabinet. These contain the same Health Pack and Ammo Packs that are distributed by Medics and Field Ops.




Un-constructed Command Posts and Health and Ammo Cabinets look like this:




Constructed Command Posts and Health and Ammo Cabinets look like this:






H.5 MG Nests


Emplaced MG's may be existing emplacements, or constructible MG Nests or MG Towers. Gun Emplacements will often be found at strategic locations on the map, usually near key objectives and controlling them can give a team a distinct defensive advantage. These guns - usually protected inside bunkers or behind sandbag walls - can be used by either team. To use them, move behind the gun to bring up the "Activate" icon, and then press Activate (Enter). To disengage, press "Activate" again. These guns can also be damaged and repaired.




I. Vehicles


Vehicles play a critical role in accomplishing the objectives in several of Enemy Territory's maps. Vehicles range from Tanks to narrow-gauge railway Tugs to Trucks. Tanks are needed for their massive firepower against critical point targets. Trucks and railway tugs are used to move critical objects.


Vehicles are marked on the Command Map with a representative icon. The path they travel is also marked on the Command map.


I.1 Escorting Vehicles


You cannot get into a vehicle and drive it. All that is necessary to make the vehicle move is for a player of the same team to move close to it. The vehicle's non-player driver will then be reassured that he can advance, and the vehicle will move on.


I.2 Damaging and Repairing Vehicles


Vehicles cannot be destroyed, only immobilized.


One of the goals of the opposing team is to keep the vehicle stationary to prevent the other team from achieving their objective. To accomplish this, the opposing team can use Panzerfausts, Rifle Grenades, Hand Grenades, Dynamite, Land Mines, Satchel Charges and Air and Artillery Strikes to damage the vehicle. When the crosshair is moved over the vehicle, a health meter will show how much damage the tank has taken.


When the vehicle has taken damage, it must be repaired. Engineers can repair the vehicle by approaching it until the grey "Repair" icon is displayed and then using the Engineer's tool. A blue bar will indicate progress. When the vehicle is repaired and a vehicle-team player is near enough, it will start up and begin moving again. A vehicle can only be repaired after it has lost all of its health.


Once a vehicle has been used to accomplish the corresponding objective(s), it's no longer needed and can't be moved any further. Even after the vehicle has reached the end of its movement its mounted MG will still be usable, so long as the vehicle is in a state of repair.


I.3 Vehicle-Mounted MG's


Tanks sometimes have turret-mounted Machine Guns. To climb into the turret, hit your Activate key (Default F or Enter). You can then fire the Mounted MG by hitting Fire. Turret MGs don't run out of ammunition but they do overheat..



Have alot More, but the forum don't allow so much images.

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