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COD4 Beginners guide

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Just a guide to let u know how to play better and more importantly:feel better

First off: Make yourself comfortable. If you have had a stressed day, relax a bit before moving to play COD4, at times It can be stressful.


Things to look out for:


Claymores: look for f***ing claymores before charging into a building. Especially the ones people snipe from on maps like Strike and Crossfire.


Window cleaners: Many people stick to windows on crowed city maps, so before you bolt around the place like a hyperactive kid, check the windows.


Choppers: Now, If you're new to the game, you should take cover when choppers arrive mowing down your friends. If you've got the hang of it, you can start to shoot the choppers, It does more damage then you think. One of the most useful perks to take down choppers are the RPG x2. Only problem is that when you are shooting at the chopper, you acknowledge your position to the enemy because of the huge ass smoke trail. A downside of this also is that you leave yourself open to ground attacks while aiming at the chopper.


Airstrikes: If they fly over you on your radar, run for cover (something overhead like a house or bench works well), If they fly past your position on the radar, chances are you are not likely to get hit.


Gillie Suits:. As stupid as it sounds, these actually work ingame. Snipers or machine gunners prone in long grass and start racking up kills. Theres really nothing to counter this, just watch where you are going.


Ladders:When climbing a ladder, be careful. You become easy targets for people running on the ground. Also watch for claymores that are usually placed on the tip of ladders.


Friendly Fire!: If you're playing gamemodes with friendly fire, and you see a message come up saying "Friendly airstrike on your position!" It means you better really run your ass off.


Knife: When someone is trying to knife you, line them up and try knife them or shoot him. Best thing to do Is crouch and spin around to spray the guy. But when u really want to knife ur opponent, just run into him and crouch, just befor he comes near u. In my experience, it helps because ur an difficult target when ur on the ground.


Things that you should do


Sniping: When sniping, its best to find a place where you can get a good view of the map, but still not sitting out in the open. Usually it feels better to know you are safe from any people coming to knife/shoot you. If you are new to sniping, follow a experience sniper around for a small bit, just to see how the pro's do it. If you have the Claymore perk, put them in doorways and such, but make sure they red lines aren't standing out.


Flashing or Stunning: If you think or know there are enemy's in a room, flash or stun it or throw a nade in it. If you have no flashes, stuns or nades and are on low health, your best bet is to start shooting the wall.


Weapon Swap!: If you are fighting someone face to face, and you both have missed with your primary weapon, to reload it. Whip your pistol out and finish him, its quicker then reloading. If you both are still standing, take cover and reload.


When to knife, when to fire: Heres a scene, you've just walked into a room, 2 people with there backs to you, one with a machine gun, the other a sniper rifle. Now, knifing them both would be difficult without alerting the other, so you should rather shoot them both, or knife on shoot the other.


Headshots !: In COD4, I'm not sure why it takes 2 headshots to kill people. Its usually best to aim around the body or neck for more damage. Automatic weapons should be used more towards the chest then neck. Unlike pistols that should try be aimed higher on the chest.


Nades!: When on maps like Shipment and Wetworks, It's always a good Idea to lob a nade in the air for a kill. It works on these small maps, and sometimes on Ambush only when lobbing it over the road.


Take Cover?: In COD4, cover seems a little useless when you and your enemy know where each other are. Since bullets can go through walls and objects, its hard to tell what Is a good place to take cover. When having a 1 on 1 with no friends around, you can rather try your best to kill the person, or bolt towards a place your team has controlled well.


Hold it..: Before you lob a grenade, hold it for about 1 1/2 secs and throw it. This makes it so when the grenade lands it has no or very little time to blow.


C4: For me, I only really use C4 to blow up cars on streets. Throw some C4 on a car and go find a place to sit and watch the place. Place the C4 on the front and end of the car so which ever way the enemy enters he can't escape when you blow it.


Silenser: To become mostly invisible in COD4, use silences on your weapons. It reduces the range but prevents you from showing up on the enemy radar. Theres also a perk for perk slot 2 that the UAV recon wont be able to detect you.


Down low: When sniping from a building, crouch or prone. Better yet do this when sniping anywhere. In maps like Crossfire, which is basically one of the best sniper maps in the game, other people are also looking to blow your face all over the wall.


Flash or Stun: When entering a room in maps like Bog or Bloc, throw a flash grenade at the doors frame. It bounces back into the room and anyone in there gets flashed, then charge in.


Mounted Guns: In maps like Strike and Downpour, there are mounted machine guns. They are extremely powerful against other players, but I wouldn't recommend staying on them for long, for the reason that other players will scope you out after a few kills. Also these are great if you can get hits in on helicopters.


Bullet penetration!: When you are in windows and are mowing or sniping people down, after a while or in a instant people will shoot at you. In this case, if you are in a building shooting out a window, GO PRONE and crawl backwards. Most people probably think you're Last Stand perk as kicked in or you have simply crouched.


Bolt Sniper: If you love sniping and want to stay good at it, don't use the M14 sniperifle. Even though it shoots more rounds and is faster then the first bolt-action sniperifle you start with in COD4, Its also has slightly more recoil and is weaker.


Sound? I'm really not sure why I have to bring this up, but people don't have their sound high enough for COD4. Having sound in COD4 is critical to playing good. It enables you to ear silenced weapons and footsteps better.


Tips: I'm quite surprised about this, when you play though COD4 SP, a saying comes up when you die. 1/10 of them are quite useful. The one about "Tracers work both ways" Is true, and the fact that a grenades lethal detention range is further then your jump In COD4.


Recon: If you get an airstrike and have plenty of time in the round and aren't losing or winning much, wait for someone else to call in a UAV Recon then airstrike to get better accuracy.


.50 Machine Gun: This isn't really a beginners pointer, but anyhow I find it cool. If you take a .50 cal sniper rifle and slap a ACOG scope onto it, then add Sleight Of hand, Steady aim and Bandoleer you pretty much have a .50 cal machine gun.


Claymore 4: If you have a class that you use often that has the C4 perk, here is a good tactic for you. If you know that a building is full of snipers, chances are that they've laid claymores at doorways. You can shoot or throw a C4 just infront of the doorframe, switch to your primary or secondary weapon, use the explosive short cut and charge in.\


Trickster: This doesn't really work well for me, but It does for some people. Basicly what you do, Is that shoot an unsilenced weapon somewhere wheere there are alot of enemy's. What this does is make you appear on their radar. Now If they are stupid and aren't tactical, they'll charge to your position. Make an advantage of this by tricking them. You can do this by running away completely or lieing on the floor and gunning down them as they rush in.


Power that stops: As a sniper, the best bolt action sniper in the game is the M40A3. If you add stopping power to it, It is a 1 hit kill to the chest or head except to Juggernaut's.


Down the scope: When sniping, pick up targets quick and fire, If you see a sniper, chances are he sees you.


It's out the window!: When camping in a building and are right up against a window, your weapon will probably sticks out the window. Move back a slight step so people don't wall you.


Playing dead: When shooting from a position where an enemy could rack up and kill you, prone on top of a dead body. If you're lucky, It deceives them for a few seconds before they understand.


Sniper Ghillie suit Similar to playing dead, If you have a ghillie suit and theres a dead ghilled player around you, move and prone over him. This way It might make other snipers hesitate.


Just as well this roof is strong: Don't airstrike buildings with roofs. Its pointless unless someone Is on the roof. Buildings with holes in them will work though.


DUDE MY CAR!: Before using or shooting behind a car, shoot or blow it up with something. Makes It less likely that some douche will do It for you.


Smoke: If you're sniping and someone puts a smoke screen in your firing line to everyone, instead of waiting it out, turn around and cover your flank. Return to sniping when the smoke has disappeared.



Claymores: It is possible to run past claymores, just sprint past them.


Quick reflexes: This is for when you get higher in the ranks, but when you get the perk Overkill, choose to have something like a Skorpian or Uzi. You don't want something that takes long to reload, but can put a few rounds down range quickly. Rather that or swap a gun for your pistol.


Hot damn: Feel proud when you shoot some poor lads brains all over the walls. That's the satisfaction of headshots.


Suicide style: Simple. Just run into someone with your nade in your hand, pin pulled. The aim is to style as close as you can to them. If they kill you, you'll drop the nade and they'll drop their life.


HIT THE DIRT!: I'm actually suprised this worked, but when getting airstrike in a building or under a cover'd area, go prone. It actually protects you from SOME damage.

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