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Finding your player data for backup or re-install: Windows 7 64bit

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So, you want to back up or move your saved player data to a new PC running Windows 7 64bit? Here's a quick tutorial showing where to find your player data, and how to re-install on a new PC.


To backup or find your player data:


Step 1: Open Windows Explorer, and select your C: drive.




Step 2: Click on the "Program Files(x86)" folder.




Step 3: Click on the "Activision" folder.




Step 4: Click on your "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare" folder.




Step 5: This is the key to finding your players data. You need to click on the "Compatibility Files" button, right under the address bar in Explorer.




Step 6: After clicking on the "Compatibility Files" button, your folder contents should change. You should now be able to see your "players" folder. Open this folder. It should look like this:




Step 7: Now you should see a "profiles" folder.




Step 8: You are now at the profiles level. You should be able to see your profile name here. Keep in mind that your profile name is whatever you first created it as, and not neccessarily what your "in game name" is.




This is the folder you want to backup. You can create a copy of this entire folder and place it somewhere else for safe keeping. Keep in mind that the backup will only contain what you have saved to date (i.e. unlocked weapons, rank, etc.). Your backup copy WILL NOT be updated, so you may want to backup on a normal basis.


For Re-Installs on a Windows 7 64bit PC:


1. Follow above instructions to create a backup of your player data on the "old" PC.


2. Do a fresh install of the game on the new PC.


IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to re-install your saved player data on the new PC, you MUST use the same CD Key! If you use a different copy of the game your player data WILL NOT WORK.


3. After install is complete, you'll need to play a game of multiplayer to create the multiplayer files. IMPORTANT: When you create your multiplayer account on the new PC, make sure you use the same account name as your previous account. Example: If in Step 8 above your profile name was "player1", you'll want to use "player1" for your account name on the new PC.


4. After playing a round on multiplayer, close COD4. Now find the player data as explained above and replace the newly created player profile with your backup copy from your old PC, and you should be all set! Restart COD4 and your profile should be in place!


*Alternate Location for Player Data*:


There is an alternate place to find your player data. Some PC's have it, others don't (Don't ask me why). Anyway the location is here:


C:/Users/YOUR USER ACCOUNT NAME/AppData/Local/Virtual Store/Program Files(x86)/Activision/Call of Duty - Modern Warfare/players/profiles


If the first method I posted won't work for you, give this a shot. Please note that you may have to enable viewing of hidden files/folders to see all of the folders.



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