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Hooked to some Online racing : Level R

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2 days ago i downloaded Level R , its some mmo racegame , buying cars , pimp em up , race other peeps in different game mods , earn money and exp , buy new cars , climb up the ranking . .


Its lots of fun for me even though im not the race type gamer (steering with letter buttons :D )

Anyone plays it , did played or wants to play ?


german site : http://levelr.gamigo.de/

english site http://levelr.gamigo.com/


lots of maps to race , so it wont get boring , you can race vs games with up to 8 peeps on track , capture the flag modes , some race mode with dropping oil and stuff to tease and slow other driver , some nascarstyle racing with up to 20 peeps on the track . . . which i played first time yesterday , going in slipstream , overtaking . . imho good made game , mostly arcade style , but if you made the license tasks , you can take also part in simulation style races , but they are way more hard to do ^^


Cars are a mixture of some fantasy cars and some licensed cars , fE Polo GTI or some BMWs , for the first car i made myself some girliestyle car :D


edit : seems its only playable in Europe since the american continent has an own version of the game , too bad .

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