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AMD "Oland" Radeon HD 8800 Series SKUs Unveiled | Costs for the iPhone 5 about $167.50



AMD "Oland" Radeon HD 8800 Series SKUs Unveiled



Apparently, launch of AMD's Radeon HD 8800 series is close enough for some sources to come up with specifications. The HD 8800 series, according to one source, is based on a new silicon codenamed "Oland," which is built on the 28 nm process, packing 3.4 billion transistors with around 270 mm² die-area. According to the source, the two HD 8800 series models, the HD 8870 "Oland XT" will up performance per Watt and cost-performance ratios over current HD 7800 series, while maintaining current process technologies.


The Radeon HD 8870, according to numbers provided by the source, could offer performance comparable to today's high-end GPUs. The HD 8870 is clocked at 1050 MHz with 1100 MHz PowerTune Boost frequency; while the HD 8850 is clocked at 925 MHz with 975 MHz boost frequency. The memory of both SKUs is clocked at 6.00 GHz, yielding 192 GB/s memory bandwidth. The chips hence have 256-bit wide memory interfaces.




Key details such as stream processor, TMU, and ROP counts are excluded, though the source mentions that the HD 8870 provides up to 75% higher single-precision floating point and up to 60% higher double-precision floating point performance over its prdecessor, the HD 7870. The texture fill-rate is up by 65%. The Radeon HD 8850 offers similar increases over its predecessor, the HD 7850. Find them tabled above.






Estimates of preliminary material costs for the iPhone 5 about $167.50



An analyst firm has done an analysis on the price of preliminary materials used in Apple's iPhone 5, based on specs released by the company, and teardowns of previous iPhones. The cost comes to $167.50.


As a matter of fact, this might come as a pretty big surprise to people who thought that the phone must have been a lot pricier to make, due to the cost of an iPhone off contract. But if things are as the EE times reports they are, then at least the materials used to build an iPhone 5 come to no more than about $167.50, which is apparently $35 more than the materials used in the previous iPhone 4S.


The website also released a chart, detailing the costs of each major part, and comparing the results for iPhone generations four through five.





Of course, there's no word about how much it costs to assemble these parts into a finished a product, and how much it costs to ship them overseas from Chinese manufacturers. It’s certainly conceivable that this adds something significant to the final costs for each device.


If the report is correct, then the most costly component in the new iPhone is Apple's A6 processor, which the EE times reports as costing $28.00.




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