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Entire Nvidia Kepler Series Specifications, Price & Release Date




Nvidia Kepler GTX680 vs Radeon HD 7970


Today we have published review of the AMD Radeon HD 7950 graphic cards, Which is a better alternative for GTX 580 at almost the same price. And now it's time for Nvidia to have its own turn. We have got information from our sources that Nvidia's upcoming Kepler GTX680 will be up to 45% faster than AMD's flagship present, the Radeon HD 7970.As price point and specifications of the HD 7970 and HD 7950 are found to be the same as what we have published earlier, this time too, we believe that these specifications, price and release date of Kepler entire series mentioned below will hold true.


But surprisingly reference GTX680 will have just 2 GB frame buffer, even with 1GB lesser than HD 7970, Nvidia GTX680 is able to perform 45% faster. So GTX680 boasts double the amount of stream processors Compared to GTX580. We already know that the entire series Kepler Will Be compliant PCI-E 3.0. For more than a $ 100 HD7970 You Will be getting almost a 45% faster card, now you might have guessed, GTX680 is priced at $ 649 and will be released in April 2012. Entire series is being manufactured on Kepler TSMC's 28nm technology. Another rumor that had spread earlier was that Nvidia will be skipping 600 series and 700 series will use for their Kepler series, but now it's been made clear that, Nvidia is not going to skip GTX600 series. Now you can see the specifications, price point and release date of Nvidia Kepler series GPUs.

Kepler based Nvidia GTX 600 series GPUs - Highlights

Nvidia GTX690 Kepler


750MHz core clock

2 × 4.5GHz 1.75 GB of GDDR5 memory

2 × 1024 Stream Processors

2x448bit Bus Width

Priced at $ 999


Both AMD and Nvidia are following the same trend in Maintaining the order of the series in GPUs. Like HD 7990, GTX 690 has a core clock GTX 680 and lesser than bus width similar to GTX 670th Compared to AMD's HD 7990 price point of $ 849, GTX 690 is priced at $ 999 But comparing the performance to the GTX 690 can offer, HD 7990 is definitely overpriced, and sure AMD has to reduce their prices drastically after the release of kepler GTX 600 series.

Nvidia GTX680 Kepler


850MHz core clock

5.5GHz 2GB GDDR5 Memory

1024 Stream Processors

512bit Bus Width

Priced at $ 649

45% faster than HD 7970


Nvidia has a clear winner in its hands and that's why they have commented that they had expected much more from AMD. But still we already know that AMD is preparing its revised GCN HD 8000 series graphic cards, Which may be released in the Latter half of this year.

Nvidia GTX670 Kepler


850MHz core clock

1.75 GB of GDDR5 memory 5GHz

896 Stream Processors

448bit Bus Width

Priced at $ 499

20% faster than HD 7970


Nvidia Kepler GTX660Ti


850MHz core clock

1.5 GB of GDDR5 memory 5GHz

768 Stream Processors

384bit Bus Width

Priced at $ 399

10% faster than HD 7950


Nvidia GTX660 Kepler


900MHz core clock

5.8GHz 2GB GDDR5 Memory

512 Stream Processors

256-bit bus width

Priced at $ 319

GTX580 performance similar to


Nvidia Kepler GTX650Ti


850MHz core clock

1.75 GB of GDDR5 memory 5.5GHz

448 Stream Processors

224bit Bus Width

Priced at $ 249

GTX570 performance similar to


Nvidia GTX650 Kepler


900MHz core clock

5.5GHz 1.5 GB GDDR5 Memory

256 Stream Processors

192bit Bus Width

Priced at $ 179

GTX560 performance similar to


Nvidia GTX640 Kepler


850MHz core clock

5.5GHz 2GB GDDR5 Memory

192 Stream Processors

128-bit bus width

Priced at $ 139

Performance similar to GTX550Ti


Nvidia Kepler based GTX 690, GTX 680, GTX 670, GTX 660Ti, GTX 660, GTX 650Ti, GTX 650 and GTX 640 Specifications




Nvidia Kepler Series GPUs’ Price and Release Date





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well I will believe when I see benchmarks from multiple reliable sources(I don't care who has the fastest GPU, won't buy it anyway) Just curious which GPU's I will put in crossfire/SLI later this year :P



and some competition is never bad ^^.

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