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FPS cycle

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Getting Better
This will cycle through various FPS settings. This is especially convenient for different servers or maps that may cause you to have to use a smaller FPS setting.

//FPS cycle
// Cycles through optimal FPS settings
// Shows FPS on screen
// Binds b

cg_drawfps 1
set fps1 "set cycfps vstr fps2; com_maxfps 125; echo ^5FPS is ^s125"
set fps2 "set cycfps vstr fps3; com_maxfps 76; echo ^5FPS is ^s76"
set fps3 "set cycfps vstr fps1; com_maxfps 43; echo ^5FPS is ^s43"
set cycfps "vstr fps1"
unbind b
bind b "vstr cycfps"

Take note that I am using these specific numbers for a reason. ET is based on the Quake 3 engine. In the Q3 engine capping your frame rate (fps) at certain numbers allows for farther jumping distance. These numbers are 43, 76, 125, and 333. This "glitch" if you can call it that has been fixed in ETPro as well as newer versions of ETPub, but don't expect the glitch to be fixed in public servers, just in ClanBase, TWL, STA & ETL (league) certified servers.

Thor! 8-)

Note: This thread is taken from my .cfg file and posted here to allow others to copy and use in their .cfg file.

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