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What is Ping?

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PING = Packet InterNet Groper

Ping is a simple program that attempts to make a very basic kind of connection to a target machine. If the target machine responds, ping alerts you that it is "alive", otherwise ping returns a message that the machine is unreachable. Note that the ability to ping a machine does not mean that the machine is fully functional, but it does indicate that the network path to that machine (including all routers between you and the machine) are up and functioning. Ping will repeatedly bounce a signal off the remote site, showing you how long it took to complete the round trip each time. If nothing bounces back, the site is either down or unreachable.

Therefor a higher Ping will indicate a greater distance from the host server and a greater network path with a greater amount of routers between you and the machine.

A more simplified explanation: If you live far away from a server (Europe) and the server is in the US then you will have a high ping whereas a US player will have low ping.

Thor! 8-)

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