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Fearless Assassins actively searches for ways to keep the community strong and stable for years to come. Communication and interaction between community members is a major factor into maintaining a healthy community. Originally we used Ventrilo, XFire, TeamSpeak and then Evolve. As time progressed, we were adamant about keeping up with modern software, this lead us to use the more sophisticated VoIP application that essentially combines all previous programs into one, known as, Discord. Thanks to the members of our community and a dedicated moderating team, we have created a friendly and open Discord server for anyone who wants to join.

We have members from all around the world playing a large variety of games so there’s always someone to have a conversation with or even invite to join you using our ‘Want to play’ channel. Below you’ll find a guide for getting things set up, an outline of what you can find on our server as well as our rules and member roles. To ensure you download Discord correctly, join our channel with ease and to make your life easier, read this tutorial. Discord is also available for free on mobile devices for iOS and Android platforms.

When you join the server you’ll be given the 'New' role. This role prevents you from performing certain actions, for example, posting images. This is to prevent spammers, trolls and advertisers from filling our server with unwanted content. To have this role removed, make sure you add your Discord username to your forum profile. This can be done easily by going to your profile, clicking Edit Profile and then adding your Discord name and number under the 'Contact Methods' section. It should look something like this: 'Username#0000'. When you've done this you can ask a member of staff or one of our Discord moderators to remove the role. If you haven't yet signed up to our forums, click here.


Contacting Our Admins

On our Discord server, you will find that many of our beloved admins are active and available. Need help? Have a question? We are always available to help. There are numerous ways to grab our attention:

  • Mentions: Using the mention feature on an individual or a group of individuals will send them a notification. Type @username or @role to grab the attention of said person or group.

For example: @CheepHeep will send a notification to CheepHeep and @member will send a notification to all users with the "member" role. Spamming the mention feature for invalid reasons may result in a temporary mute.

To view your recent 'mentions', click the @ symbol located at the top right corner of the application.

  • Private Messages: You can also send a private message to any of our admins if you require something or simply just want to chat. Just click on their name and start typing!
  • The !cheater command: Certain commands are set to alert relevant admins to an unwanted situation that may be occurring on our servers. Should you suspect someone of cheating, whilst grabbing a demo of the suspected player, you can type !cheater in our discord channel if you require assistance. Be advised that the name of the server should be added when using the !cheater command to allow admins to get to the right place as quickly as possible and without confusion.

♫♫♫ Music Bot ♫♫♫

Fearless Assassins has a channel dedicated to listening and sharing your music. This channel is accompanied by a bot, a music bot, that plays the music you select. To use the music bot, join the 'MUSIC musicbot' voice channel. Go to the #botcmds-and-music text channel and type !!!help to view the list of available commands for the MusicBot.

Note: When using MusicBot commands, use the prefix: !!! (3x exclamation marks)

If you require any further help using the music bot, feel free to contact an admin or Discord moderator for assistance. They will be with you promptly.


Mee6 is another bot that we utilise on our Discord channel. One of its many features includes a ranking system based entirely on how much someone chats via text or as many would call it, SPAM. Each time you post a message you get a random number of XP between 15 and 25. To avoid flood, you can only gain XP once per minute.

While on the server, you can type !rank in one of the text channels to get your current rank and level.

Click here to see where you stand in the leaderboard!

There are many other features to explore on Discord, with updates constantly pouring in, there's always something new to discover.

Discord Rules

Keep an eye on the #rules text channel for any changes in our server rules to keep yourself updated.

  • English is the main language in all channels but chatter in other languages is allowed.
  • Adult content is NOT allowed as we also have under-aged people using the server.
  • Advertising links or information about cheats is not acceptable. Fearless Assassins has strict rules against hacking. No recruiting or advertising of other clan websites, VoIP, servers, etc. on F|A servers. Doing so will result in a 30 day ban, 90 day ban followed by a 360 day ban if the user continues to break this rule.
  • Any Bitching, trolling and/or other unwanted behaviour will result in a mute.
  • Any form of harassment, bullying or any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and can result in a permanent ban.
  • Insulting admins will result in a kick followed by a ban if it becomes a regular occurrence.
  • Messages with bad language, 5+ emojis or 5+ mentions will be automatically removed. After 3 violations you will be automatically muted for 2 minutes.
  • Don't post images of strobes or intense flashing lights - be considerate as other people on our server may be epileptic.

Note: If you want to file a complaint or been a victim of bad behavior go to our contact us page and fill the form. It is mandatory that you bring proof with your complaint. Screenshots, screen caption video, cell phone pictures or videos are accepted.

Contact us link: https://fearless-assassins.com/contactus/

Text Channels

Each text channel is created to have a specific feature or intent behind it. Below is a list of the text channels with a brief summary of what each text channel is all about:

  • General - Unleash your inner spam persona. Here you can talk about anything as much as you want, whenever you want!
  • News - Important and relevant news or updates are posted here to keep everyone updated on the latest within the clan and gaming community. This is a "read-only" text channel.
  • Rules - Read and Digest the rules of our Discord channel. Rules may be updated/changed from time to time and are open for discussion. Contact a moderator if you wish to suggest/recommend or dispute a rule. This is a "read-only" text channel.
  • Support-and-Setlevel - If you require any technical support or wish to have your admin level set in the game that you play. Leave a message on this text channel.
  • Want-to-Play - Just got back home from a stressful day at work? A long day out? Or simply just in a gaming mood? Let people know so they can join you!
  • Grillenium-Falcon - If you are obsessed with food and wish to share your cooking experiences or food adventures, this is the place for you!
  • Botcmds-and-Music - FA discord provides you with a music bot that plays your favourite music. Use this channel to feed your music addiction. This channel is also used for all commands that have been made available on our Discord channel. To see the list of commands available, click on the pinned messages icon near the top of the application when you are on the "general" text channel. (might be a tutorial on this)
  • Server-status - If you notice that a server of ours is down or experience latency issues. Please reply in this text channel using the given form. Click on the pinned messages icon in this text channel to see the appropriate form. Please do this as soon as you can so we can get our servers up and running again quickly.
  • Game specific Text channels - Individual Text Channels are provided for each game. You can use these channels to discuss or talk about anything related to said game.

Voice Channels

Voice communication will take your friendships to the next level! Join in now on even more fun! Below is a list of the Voice channels and a brief description on what they are used for:

  • General - Show off your sexy accent and talk about whatever you want. Anybody is welcome to join in.
  • Music-Rhythm/Musicbot - Play and listen to your favourite music. Invite your friends too. Use the botcmds text channel for any music commands you use.
  • One-on-One - A place for players to have private uninterrupted conversations.
  • AFK - Inactive or AFK players will be automatically moved to this channel after a certain period of inactivity. Microphone and headphones are muted in this channel.
  • Game specific voice channels - Each game has its own Voice Channel for you to utilise. Invite your friends to play with you and join the relevant discord channel to guarantee focused team work for the game you are playing and to allow others to see what and where you are playing.

Do not feel intimidated or embarrassed about your voice or accent. In our community, we have players and regulars from all over the world, so we hear a diverse amount of voices all the time, you'll definitely fit in.

Useful Commands

  • !servers – Displays a list of all Day of Infamy, Enemy Territory and Insurgency servers that F|A provides.
  • !tbet – Displays links to all of our Enemy Territory servers via TrackBase.
  • !invite – Creates an instant invite link for the F|A Discord channel. The invite link can be used by anyone to invite their friends, however, we ask that regulars don't invite trouble causers.
  • !register - Users that require a role to be assigned to them on our Discord channel, please ensure that your Discord User ID (e.g. Shana#9603) is added to your forum profile under the 'contact methods' section.
  • !rules - Displays an up-to-date list of our rules for the Discord server.
  • !cheater – Using this command alerts and notifies all admins level 14 up to Staff. This command is only to be used if you suspect a cheater is present on one of our servers. Spamming this command will result in temporary mutes. Make sure you include the name of the server you’re on when you use this command!
  • !members – Gives the total number of users on our Discord server - 600 and counting!

We also have some fun commands such as !pizza, !beer, !coffee and !tea. Give them a try when you’re on the server to see what they do.


Below is an ordered list of roles with how they appear on our Discord.

  • =F|A= Servers Owner - Reserved for Daredevil, JoeDirt and Rainier, the owners of the F|A servers and founders of the community.
  • Discord Management - The Discord Management Team, consisting of Baska, Raziel and Shana.
  • Leader - Leaders of Fearless Assassins
  • Co-Leader - Co-Leaders of Fearless Assassins
  • Staff - Staff Members for Fearless Assassins
  • Clan Friend - Long-time trusted regulars.
  • Recruiting Team - Recruiters for Fearless Assassins.
  • Senior Member - Seniors member of Fearless Assassins.
  • VIP Member - Members that have purchased one of our VIP products.
  • Member - Members of Fearless Assassins.
  • Trial Member - Members who are in the trial phase of their application to join Fearless Assassins.
  • VIP - VIP Donors
  • New - Users that have just joined our Discord server.