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A GUID is a 32character hexadecimal hash based on the 28 digit number in the ETKey file. Each player has their own GUID which differentiates from other players.

The game converts your etkey file (located in your etmain folder) into your PB GUID, silent.dat (located in your "silent" folder) becomes your silent GUID, and nkey.dat (located in your nitmod file) contains your N!tmod GUID. These files are different from your actual GUID. GUID stores both your XP and admin levels on servers where you gained them. (note that if you dont log in for a month into a server of ours, you will lose the XP you have acquired there.) Therefore it is important to save these files at secure places to not lose them.

It is very important to not share your GUIDs with anyone.

At =F|A= we require you to submit the last 8 digits of your PB and silent GUIDs into your profile (in case of silent GUID, don't submit the ":2" at the end) in the following cases:

  • You are a member of =F|A=
  • You are an applicant
  • You have level 4 or above
  • You submit a complaint on our forums

To submit your PB GUID into your =F|A= forum profile, follow this tutorial: https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/93070-how-to-submit-your-pb-guid-into-your-profile-enemy-territory/

For silent GUID submission, follow this one: https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/93069-how-to-submit-your-silent-guid-into-your-profile-enemy-territory/

ET Config

Download below config and put that in your etmain folder. You can optimize/change it as per your needs. This is basic config.