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Jaymod commands

!admintest (!ad): Displays your current admin level.

!about (!ab): Shows information about the version of JayMod that is currently installed.

!time (!ti): Shows the current local server time.

!uptime (!up): Displays how long the server has been running.

!help (!h): Shows all Admin System Commands you are authorized to use, and gives descriptions.

!page (!pag): Shows a Page# from the last command which produced long output.

!spec (!spec): Instantly switch to spectators team and follow the specified player.

!resetmyxp (!resetm): Completely reset your own XP.

!listplayers (!li): Displays all players connected, their client number and admin levels.

!ftime (!ft): Shows the Current Central Time in a FUN way.

!pip (!pi): Makes players glitter like a little elf.

!pop (!po): Let all players pop of their helmets.

!mute (!m): Mute so he/she cannot talk. No voice commands, nor chat, nor admin commands.

!unmute (!unm): Allow a player to talk again.

!kick (!k): Kick a player off the server.

!cancelvote (!can): Voids the current vote.

!shuffle (!shu): Shuffles the teams based on XP gain.

!spec999 (!spec9): Put everyone with ping 999 to spectator team.

!baninfo (!bani): Show ban details.

!banlist (!banl): List banned users.

!putteam (!pu): Put a specific player on a differend team.

!nextmap (!nex): Ends the current map and advances to next map.

!rename (!ren): Change a specific player's name.

!restart (!rest): Restart current map and keep all of the XP gained during the map.

!resetxp (!resetx): Completely reset a specific player's XP.

!pants (!pant): Strip a player of his pants.

!crazygravity (!cra): Change to a new random gravity every 30 seconds. No argument reports status.

!finger (!fin): Get information about a player.

!panzerwar (!panz): A panzerfaust frag-fest. No argument reports status.

!reset (!reset): Restart the current map andalso reset XP to what it was when map started.

!shake (!sha): Make players screen shake for a chosen period of time. Default is 1 second.

!slap (!sl): Slap players around.

!sniperwar (!sn): A sniper shootout. No argument reports status.

!swap (!sw): Put all Axis on Allies, and all Allies on Axis. Spectators stay Spectator.

!ban (!ban): Ban an online player.

!banuser (!banu): Ban a user. Useful for banning players which are not connected.

!disorient (!dis): Disorients (flips) a player's view.

!fling (!fling): Fling a player randomly into the air.

!flinga (!flinga): Fling all players randomly into the air.

!glow (!gl): All players emit a colored glow. No argument reports status.

!launch (!launch): Launch a player striaght up.

!launcha (!launcha): Launch all players striaght up.

!levinfo (!levi): Show admin level details.

!levlist (!levl): List admin levels in database.

!lock (!loc): Lock a team so players cannot enter it.

!lol (!lol): Rain grenades from the sky.

!lsplayers (!ls): Displays all players connected, their client number and admin levels.

!news (!new): Plays the 'news' for the current or specified map.

!orient (!or): Orients a players view.

!pause (!pau): Pause the game.

!revive (!rev): Revive yourself, or revive a differend player.

!seen (!seen): Find the last time a specicfic admin was seen on the server.

!setlevel (!set): Change a specicfic player's admin level.

!smite (!sm): Sets players on fire.

!splat (!splat): Make a specicfied player go Splat!

!splata (!splata): M-m-m-moster splat...!

!status (!st): Server status. Various bits of internal information relating to server resources and operation.

!throw (!throw): Throw a specific player straight ahead.

!throwa (!throwa): Throw all players straight ahead.

!tmute (!tmute): Mute a player for a time given. No voice commands, nor chat, nor admin commands. Use: !tmute [slot\name][time][reason]

!tunmute (!tunmute): Unmute a player. Use: !tunmute [slot\player]

!unban (!unb): Unban a specific player.

!unlock (!unl): Unlock a team so players can enter it again.

!unpause (!unp): Unpause the game.

!userinfo (!useri): Show user details.

!userlist (!userl): List users in database.

!vmute (!vmute): Remove the ability to use voice commands to a player for a time given. Chat remains available. Use: !vmute [slot\name][time][reason]

!vunmute (!vunmute): Unmute a player from his voice commands restriction. Use: !vunmute [slot\player]

!dbload (!dbl): Reload (read & merge) the Admin System database files.

!dbsave (!dbs): Save the in-memory Admin System database to disk.

!levadd (!leva): Create a new admin level.

!leveldelete (!levd): Remove the admin level specicfied by LEVEL. Effected users will automatically be migrated to the leveloptionally specified by MIGRATE_LEVEL (default: 0).

!leveledit (!leve): Edit an admin level.

!useredit (!usere): Edit an user.

!userdelete (!userd): Removed the user specified by USERID.

!warn (!warn): Warn a player for an offense noted. Also, make sure to re-copy the previous warnings given, if there's some already present, and to add your. Otherwise, all the previous warnings given will be overwritten. Use: !warn [slot\player][reason]

!unwarn (!unwarn): Unwarn a player.

NQ commands

!setlevel [slot/name] [level] - Give level to player in that slot.

!kick [slot/name] [reason] - Kick player from the server.

!ban [slot/name] [time] [reason] - Ban player from the server

!unban [ban slot] - Issue unban

!put [slot/name] [b/r/s] [reason] - Put player in Allies[b], Axis[r] or Spectators[s]

!listplayers - Display player list including slot, admin lvl and last characters in GUID

!mute [slot/name] [time] [reason] - Mute player for given time

!unmute [slot/name] - Unmute player

!showbans - Show ban list. Use !showbans -15 to show last 15 bans.

!help [command] - Display command help. If used without command, shows command list.

!admintest - Display your own admin level

!cancelvote - Cancel(Override) a vote currently going on.

!spec999 - Put all players with 999 ping spec.

!shuffle - Shuffle teams based on XP earned. Player with most xp will be placed axis, 2nd allies, 3rd allies, 4rd axis, 5th axis, 6th allies...

!rename [slot/name] [new name] - Rename the player to the new name

!slap [slot/name] [damage] [reason] - Deal damage to the player. If no damage is specified, 20 is used. Note: cannot kill the player, if damage dealt exceeds current health, player is left with 1hp.

!warn [slot/name] [warning] - Present a given warning to the player. A wistle sound will be heard by the player and text will be displayed. There is no log of warnings whatsoever, it is merely a 'display warning' command.

!news [mapname] - Play reel of news, if available, for given map. If no map is given current map is used.

!restart - Restart map.

!reset - Restart match.

!disorient [slot/name] - Disorient player.

!orient [slot/name] - Undo disorient on player.

!resetxp [slot/name] - Reset xp for given player.

!resetmyxp - Reset xp for yourself.

!pants [slot/name] - Remove pants from given player. If no player is given, everyone is !panted

!finger [slot/name] - Display information on the given player in the console. In NQ this displays SLOT, ADMIN LVL, GUID, IP.

!contact - Display message on how to contact us. (Xfire: hellreturn or etmedic) => Out of date?

!bye - Display a farewell message and play vsay 'bye' (will even sound even if cg_novoicechats is 1).

!pizza - Display fun message of om nomming a pizza.

!coke - Display fun message of drinking coke.

!website - Display =F|A= website url.

!vent - Display =F|A= vent ip address.

!maps - Display map cycle.

!vip - Display message "VIP members will not need 40k XP for app!" => outdated

!apply - Display recruiting message.

!forum - Display forum url.

!forums - Display forum url.

!rush - Display rush rule: 5 minutes no-rush but let players enjoy the map.

!join - Display

!takess [PB slot] - Send PB SS of player to server. Note that PB slot = regular slot + 1.

Remember to give reasons when using commands to enforce rules. Also when specifying a time you can use several options:

   !mute 5: mutes for 5 seconds
   !mute 5s: mutes for 5 seconds
   !mute 5m: mutes for 5 minutes
   !mute 5d: mutes for 5 days

Ban Information Commands Across Different Mods


!banlist: Lists the bans in order of date (first is the newest, last is the oldest)

!baninfo: Shows the information of the ban specified by last 8 digits of PBGUID. Syntax: !baninfo A123456B

JayMod includes the Player name, IP address, MAC address, date of expiry, GUID, Levels (if any), and Authority and Reason of a ban.

SilEnT: !showbans: Lists the bans in order of date (first is the oldest, last is the newest) Syntax: !showbans 339 (would show bans 339-359, but in this example 339 is the most recent)

!baninfo: Shows the information of a ban specified by the ID shown on the ban list. Syntax: !baninfo 339 SilEnT includes the player name, last 8 digits of the SilEnT GUID, the last 8 digits of the PB GUID (if applicable), the IP address, the date of ban, authority, reason, and the time remaining.

NoQuarter: !showban: Lists the bans in order of date (first is oldest, last is the newest) Syntax is the same as SilEnT. It lists the time remaining and the authority of the ban.

-Cool features-

!showbans find [playername].

!showbans reason [cheats,recruiting,etc].

!showbans banner [admin]

NoQuarter, however, does not have a baninfo command that would show all the info of banned player, that is why you have to first take the info of a player you attempt to ban (!finger [slot] or [name], and then proceed.