TF2 Admin Level Structure

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1. Learning Regular - Can call for an admin using !admin
2. Learning Regular(2) - Can call for an admin using !admin Has priority towards problems on server
3. Regular - Can use !admin to call an admin in, even more priority
4. Uber-Regular - Can initiate a votekick. Can use !admin to call in an admin
5. Donor - Has green text, can call in an admin, can votekick.
6. Donor 2 - Can initiate a votekick, call in an admin, has green text, can votemute.
7. Donor 3 - Can do all the above
8. Trusted Regular - Has more privileges than the previous levels, can call in an admin for more serious matters.
9. Watchdog - Only very trusted regulars can use this. They have the ability to kick a player, and have green text.
10. Clan friend - Can do everything in the previous levels.
11. Trial Member - Can kick players and mute. Has green text. This period can last between a day and 3 months.
12. Clan Member - Can kick players and mute. Has green text. New member level.
13. Clan Member 2 - Can kick players and mute. Has green text. Active member level. You will need to refer 3 members to get this level. We might also promote member to this level if they have done some other work for community which compensates for 3 referral of new members.
14. Clan Member 3 - Active on server, and forums. Posts often. Suggesting new ideas, reporting problems, etc will get this level.
15. Clan Member 4 - Members who are active on server, and the forum. Members who help in advertising our community, suggest new things, donate, help in recruiting, help on forums/servers, etc. will be given this level. Knowledge of TF2 commands is a must.
16. Clan Member 5 - Old clan members. Active on servers, the forums, helped the community for a long time. Donated to help pay bills, helped recruiting, etc will get this level. Extensive knowledge of TF2 is required.
17. Clan Member 6 - Should have played TF2 for quite some time, know all the commands, help donate, recruit and populate the server.
18. Staff - Based on your work, dedication, knowledge regarding different things, fluent English, etc you will be invited to Staff.
19. Co-Leader - A veteran of TF2, or any game, knows all commands, the game, and how to populate the server. You will be able to give up to level 4 to any player you like. But if we find you decisions are biased or you mixing your personal problems with other players you will be removed from co leader.
20. Leader - A master in TF2, or any game, knows all commands, the game, and how to populate the server and how it runs. Knows how to add in plugins to help the server, advertise, recruit, very active on forums, reports problems, helps players, organizes things, and fixes bugs in server. Can invite anyone to the community.
21. Founder - Reserved admin level for daredevil, JoeDirt and Rainier Wolfcastle.