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The following list shows some of the points we look at when considering an admin for a promotion to a higher level.

  • Maturity – How well he/she conducts him/herself.
  • Interaction and Communication – How well the player mixes with other community members and regulars.
  • Knowledge and experience of the game – To be able to help resolve game related issues; able to use basic features of the game. Ex: Record, Screenshots and Condumps.
  • Server and Forum activity – How active the player is on all platforms that Fearless Assassins provide.
  • Suggestions/Improvements – Involvement of the player in discussions and recommendations to improve the clan's status.
  • Patience and Self-control – The ability of the player to turn the other cheek, able to keep their emotions in check; to deal with difficult situations effectively.
  • The Player's ability to defuse a hostile situation – Ability to handle different conflicts and hostile situations effectively and swiftly.
  • Language, Vocabulary and Approach when posting on the Forum – How well the Player communicates on the Forums, ability to remain polite and mature when responding to different scenarios or discussions.
  • Donations (Disclaimer: Donations alone do not guarantee any levels or promotions)
  • Team Balancing Abilities – How well the Player deals with unbalanced teams.
  • Recruiting Skills – How well the Player recruits new quality members.

  • Minding your own business – Do not involve yourself in matters that do not concern you. If you wish to add to a certain discussion that you are not involved in, you can use the report button or use the contact us feature.
  • Do not aim for levels – Do not join Fearless Assassins with the intentions of getting admin levels and power. Promotions of members are hand picked and carefully discussed. Power hungry members will not be promoted.
  • Admin Abuse – Do not abuse the commands you are given. You have been entrusted with admin rights to help moderate the servers. Abuse of these commands will break that trust and may result in punishment and ultimately a ban. The leaders of the clan do offer time for you to correct your mistakes but don't take it for granted.
  • Be Humble and Respectful – Everyone is different and everyone will have their own perspective on certain things. Many situations are not black and white so try and keep an open mind and respect other people's opinions even if they don't align with yours.
  • Donors will always have an edge for promotion. The games you play may be free to play but to maintain and run the servers you play on can become costly. If the donation goals aren't achieved, it may result in the removal of one or more of your favourite servers. So donors are greatly appreciated as they financially provide us with the capability of running this community smoothly and allowing you to have fun with your friends.
  • You are in the community to help other players and regulars, not for promotions. If you are joining us for levels or are getting butt hurt because you aren't promoted and others are, you have the wrong mindset for our community.
  • If you think you deserve a promotion, you can always contact management using contact us and ask to look at your promotion. Do not message or ask staff+ to promote you, use the contact option on forums and select promotion from the drop down menu.
  • Do not think that by donating you are entitled to any special privileges. When you donate, you donate for the well-being of the community and not for personal gain or promotion. Since you are helping in paying the community bills, we will award you with an admin level as we see fit.
  • If we don't have room for further additions to the staff, co-leader or leader admin groups, we will not invite you for that spot even though you deserve it. Every company has a limited number of manager positions and so do we. Do not give up though, if a spot should open, that may be your chance.
  • The Management team all have real lives as well and they are not required to reply to every PM, Discord message, topic/post or otherwise. We do, however, try our best to support regulars and members so that their gaming time spent on our servers is the best!

At the end of the day, we are all here to have fun and support one another to ensure the longevity of the games we love and ultimately, this fantastic clan. Our community members all strive to do their best in order to make Fearless Assassins a force to be reckoned with.