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Inactivity on Forums

If you are a member of the Fearless Assassins clan and become inactive on our forums for more than 90 days, you will be moved to the "Inactive Member" forum group. Once you become active again, please post in the Q&A/Reports/Issues sub-section on the forums to have your level re-instated and forum group reverted back to your old one which will allow you to access parts of the forum that were otherwise unavailable to you as an inactive member. If you have been inactive for a long period of time, it is advised to post a new introduction of yourself. This is to help the newer admins get to know you a little better and give the rest of us an update on your situation.

For members planning to go inactive, please notify one of us to your situation so we know you haven't just disappeared. You can do this by posting in the relevant thread in the private section or contacting an admin of your choice who can then relay the information to whomever it may concern.

Inactivity on Server

If you are inactive on any of our servers for more than 90 days you might lose your admin level. Should this happen, please report it in the Q&A/Reports/Issues section to get your admin level back. Refrain from contacting staff members personally to resolve this, however, if you require assistance or advice on how to deal with this situation, please use the Contact Us form to reach relevant members who can assist you on this matter.

Note: You might not be re-instated back to your original level if you have returned after many years of inactivity. Changes may have occurred in the clan and we want to give the opportunity for our returning members to get familiar with any updates before they take on any responsibilities, duties or representative roles for Fearless Assassins. We may provide a temporary admin level and later restore you to your old level once management feels you are up to date with the changes within the clan. Those who have lost their old account details and have created a new one will be looked at individually as we need to validate and confirm it isn't an impostor. The decision is ultimately up to the management team where returning members will be assessed on a case by case basis.

On a number of Fearless Assassin's ET servers, if you have become inactive for more than 30 days, your XP will reset. It is highly unlikely that we will return your old XP back so keep that in mind when you are going away.