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Forum Rules & Regulations

Forum Rules

The following rules are enforced on our forums by moderators:

  • No excessive swearing, cursing or obscenities in any language.
  • No posting of pornographic or sexist material.
  • No spamming by repeatedly posting the same thing or bumping dead topics for no particular reason.
  • No advertising or recruiting.
  • No posting of cheat related links, web pages or download links.
  • No multiple account creation. If we ever find that you have multiple accounts we will delete all of your secondary accounts, keeping the primary one so that you are allowed to voice your opinion. But if you have just created multiple accounts for spamming, cursing or abusing then you will be banned and all your accounts will be deleted.
  • No sharing of accounts. If we ever find that you are sharing your account with any other users or vice versa, both accounts will be deactivated and banned. Sharing accounts will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Donations, VIP membership and server payments are non-refundable.
  • We reserve the right to revoke our services as we see fit if you are found cheating or abusing our services.
  • Members are solely responsible for their interactions with other members. We reserve the right, but have no obligation to monitor and/or mediate disputes between members, active or banned.
  • Discussion of piracy, cracks, and/or sharing links to pirated/stolen movies, music, or software is strictly prohibited on our forums. Fearless Assassins is not responsible for legal actions that result from your actions.
  • Using a proxy IP to register on our forums is not allowed. Your account will be banned if valid reason is not provided while using a proxy on our forums.

Forum Groups

Summary of the Fearless Assassin's forum groups:

  • Administrators - Founders of the Fearless Assassins.
  • Leader - Leaders of the community.
  • Co-Leader - Co-Leaders of the community.
  • Staff - Moderators on Fearless Assassins forum.
  • News Reporter - Users who provide and report the latest news to our forums.
  • GFX team - Users with expertise in Photoshop, GIMP, etc. so that they can provide new signatures, logos, and other art to forum users.
  • Recruiting Team - Members who help in recruiting and who carry out day to day tasks to help new applications.
  • Senior Member - Senior member of the community.
  • BF Member - Battlefield Full Member.
  • CoD Member - Call of Duty Full Member.
  • CoD Trial - Call of Duty Trial Member.
  • CS Member - Counter Strike Full Member.
  • CS Trial - Counter Strike Trial Member.
  • DOI Member - Day Of Infamy Member.
  • DOI Trial - Day Of Infamy Trial Member.
  • ET Member - Enemy Territory Full Member.
  • ET Trial - Enemy Territory Trial Member.
  • FIFA Member - FIFA Member.
  • INS Member - Insurgency Member.
  • Insurgency Trial - Insurgency Trial Member.
  • TF2 Member - Team Fortress Full Member.
  • Inactive Member - Any trial or member who has not been active on the forum for at least 3 months. If you become active again please inform staff and your forum group will be fixed.
  • Clan Friend - Fearless Assassins community friends.
  • Platinum VIP / ++Gold VIP / +Silver VIP - VIP membership has its own benefits on the forums and servers. You can check all of these benefits here. Silver, Gold and Platinum membership are priced at 15$, 30$ and 50$ respectively. All proceeds go towards funding our servers.
  • Regular User - Users who are regularly active on the forum and have at least 20 posts.
  • User - Newly registered users on the Fearless Assassins Gaming Forums.
  • Validating - Newly registered users who need to activate their account from the activation link sent to the email they used for registration.
  • Busted Cheater - Players who have been caught cheating through PBBans, PB and/or demos.
  • Banned - Users who continued to break server and/or forums rules.
  • Deactivated - Duplicate accounts and for those who wish to deactivate their forum account.

Forum Warnings

Forum warnings will be given upon proven admin abuse, spamming, trolling, illegal content posting, etc.

  • Spamming - 2 Points (Expires in 30 days)
  • Inappropriate Language - 1 Point (Expires in 30 days)
  • Signature Violation - 1 Point (Expires in 30 days)
  • Topic Bumping - 1 Point (Expires in 30 days)
  • Illegal Content - 1 Point (Expires in 180 days)
  • Trolling - 2 Point (Expires in 180 days)
  • Advertisement - 5 Point (Expires in 365 days)
  • Abusive Behaviour - Server - 3 Point (Expire in 365 days)
  • Abusive Behaviour - Forum - 2 Point (Expire in 365 days)
  • Admin Abuse - Mute - 1 Point (Expires in 365 days)
  • Admin Abuse - Kick - 2 Point (Expires in 365 days)
  • Admin Abuse - Ban - 3 Point (Expires in 365 days)
  • Admin Abuse - Other Commands - 1 Point (Expires in 365 days)
  • Admin Duties - Ignoring - 1 Point (Expires in 365 days)