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Donations will be accepted by anyone who wishes to contribute to the community, website and server monthly bills. Donations are greatly appreciated, however this does not imply that the donor will advance in the community nor necessarily get accepted into the community. The Fearless Assassins may implement special admin level or services for people who contribute to the servers. Contributions should only be made for the well-being of the community and not for personal gain.

We reserve ourselves the right to reject donations from people that might be doing it only to abuse features we provide to donors. We also reserve ourselves the right to remove any privileges in case people repeatedly disobey server rules. Fearless Assassins is a volunteer based community and each donation is used to pay server, website and forum costs. Donations are non-refundable under any circumstances since you are donating by your own free will.

Why Donate?

Nothing is free. We pay for the forums, our servers and redirects. Our website and servers cost us approximately 460$ a month (that's 5500$ per year!). We aim to expand our servers in more games and that can only be possible if there is support from the community. If, for example, you think about going to the cinemas, you could spend 15$ for 3 hours of entertainment. On our servers you will likely get many more hours of enjoyment so donating a few dollars here and there wouldn’t hurt and it greatly helps us cover our costs to give you and other players enjoyment.

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You can purchase VIP Membership here.

You can also purchase a Private Slot here.

Donations can be made using Paypal, debit cards and credit cards such as Visa, AmEx and Master, and with any currency.
Thank You.
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