DOI Server Rules

From Fearless Assassins Wiki

1. Cheating and hacking are not allowed on Fearless Assassins servers, nor allowed on any Day of Infamy servers running VAC (Valve Anti-cheat) and Battle-eye from New World Interactive. Being caught by them will result in permanent ban.

2. Respect players, do not insult, nor say anything racist/sexually remarks, trouble makers will be muted and/or kicked for this.

3. Team killing is not permitted. Do not attack your own team players in any way. Team bleeding and team killing are not allowed, nor using incendiary grenade and cocktail molotov to block and /or injure team mates . You will be warned, kicked or banned depending on what admin feels right so that enjoyable environment is maintained on the server.

4. Do not impersonate a =F|A= community member, you’ll be banned after being given one warning. Admins will try to make you understand but if you don't co-operate you will be banned.

5. No Recruiting or Advertising on =F|A= Servers/Forum.

6. If you disagree with an admin decision, take time to cool down before speaking politely to the admin. If your issue cannot be resolved in the game take it to the forum, but don't keep fighting on server. Screenshots are the best way to prove/disprove the facts! If you see evidence record it!

7. No accusing other players of admin abuse, hax, etc while on server. Take screenshot, demo or condumps as a proof and post it in complaint section of forums. Don't keep arguing with other players for that on server.

8. Using proxy IP on our servers is not allowed unless it has been pre-authorized. All proxies get added to banlist as soon as we catch them.

9. Exploiting a bug or glitch on any map to gain advantage over the enemy is not allowed. Admin will warn you 3 times and after that admin may decide to slay you or to kick you out of the servers, so fair play can be maintained. Repeated rule breaking of this rule after couple kicks will result in short to long term ban depending on what admin sees fit.

10. Fearless Assassins servers are international, English is the main language. English only in main chat. Saying hi, hello or couple of lines to help user/player from another country who don't understand English is allowed but "constant" talking in non-English language is not allowed and admin will end up muting you for that

11. Spamming chat or voice communication chat isn't allowed, after being warned, continuing this will get you muted.

12. Trials/members are required to wear the =F|A= tag in game.

13. Recruiting and cheating = Ban on all servers.

14. Advertising of other clan websites, VOiP, servers, proxys, money related items, etc in general chat / voice chat/ nickname is not allowed. It would result in instant ban.