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Team killing

  • Team killing (TK) is not tolerated, server will auto kill the team killer. After 3 TK, server ends up on auto kicking the players, if not caught by an admin before. If caught: the player will be slayed and warned in chat, if he keeps on doing so, kick will be issued.
  • After 3 kicks, ban will be issued.
  • Players caught throwing themselves into grenade range or getting TK intentionally to get others kicked, are the one who will be kicked instead. Abusing this will lead to ban depending on how the admin sees fit.
  • Players using Flamethrower or Panzerfaust on teammates will be kicked or banned if it continues.

Tag Stealing

Politely ask them to remove the tag. If they don't understand English language ask them in their native language if possible. If they don't remove our community tags admins can kick them or ban them for 1 day as first warning. If the player is still using our tags, ban offending player for 30 days, followed by ban of 90 days.

Player names

  • Abusive names against =F|A= will not be tolerated. Admin will warn you in chat to change name if you put on again abusive names you will be kicked and if you are caught again doing so, you'll be banned.
  • Impersonating any =F|A= clan member intentionally will result in a ban.
  • Advertising with your name (website, IP adresses...) is not tolerated and will result in instant ban.


  • 5-10 seconds of conversations of say Hi, Hello, Bye, How are you? etc. is fine.
  • If they start talking in their language for more than a few sentences, tell them to speak English only. If some admin is helping some new player in their native language it is fine.
  • If someone is talking continuously in another language mute them after giving them 3 warnings on chat. (mute according to the way he uses to express himself: coms, chat...)


  • Once in a while general bitching is allowed. We are easy and fun gamers. Most players go emo when they die. So a general bitching here and there is allowed.
  • Continuous bitching = not allowed. Use sm_slap with message "sm_slap [target] [hp]" with a verbal warning and then "sm_mute/sm_gag/sm_silence [target]" if it continues. Don't forget to undo the command after 10 minutes (sm_unmute/sm_ungag/sm_unsilence [target])
  • Saying f***ing noobs, etc. once a map or once in a game = allowed.
  • Bashing on any player continuously by saying you suck, you f***ing noob, you f***ing jew, etc. = not allowed. Mute, gag or silence those players.
  • Spamming/Bitching in PM is not allowed. Someone says he is getting PM spammed tell him to get SS and post it on forums or send it by Discord.
  • Admins bad mouthing on other members/players will not be allowed. You are admin and you shouldn't do that. Be patient. If any admin is found bitching on server, he will be warned and consequently demoted/removed from clan. Admins bitching on servers will not be tolerated; 0% tolerance.

Initial sm_mute/sm_gag/sm_silence should be done for 10 mins and then you can keep extending mutes if players continue being problematic.

Advertising and/or recruiting:

Not allowed, players caught doing so will be banned.


Cheating is not allowed, cheaters caught by anti-cheat system will be permanently banned from all Day of Infamy servers available online.

Higher level admins

  • If they say something listen to them. Don't be arrogant noob saying "oh f*** he is telling me, zomfg he is commanding me". This is a game. If someone says something to you sky is not falling down.
  • If you feel higher level is doing wrong take SS and post it and we can always ask whats up.
  • If they are on then it doesn't mean you leave everything on them. If you see something wrong handle it by yourself. Because sometimes I am on and I am AFK and same goes for all. If u see anything wrong try to fix it. If you are fixing in wrong way you will get PM by higher level admin so you know how to do it next time. Don't take it in a bad way if they do; they're trying to help you.

Warn, Kick and Ban command usage

  • Each warning should have a meaningful reason.
  • We warn players with the sm_slap command and a verbal explanation.

Ex: sm_slap karizmatic 5. Then in chat: stop team harassment. Sm_slap karizmatic 5. stop glitching.

  • Always get their SteamID so if they visit and break the rules when we are not online, we can ban them offline. Steam ID is important.
  • Any useless sm_slaps or sm_slays for show off or without any reason will result in admin abuse warning.
  • Each kick and ban should be justified with valid reason.
  • Kicking or banning player with random reason for your personal pleasure or laugh will not be allowed.
  • If you have to ban same cheater you should mention reason: "No Cheating" OR "No Cheats Allowed"
  • Failure to report the ban within 3 days might result in lowering your admin level or !ban command removal from your SteamID. We don't allow banning anyone without proof. We might let it go once or twice but on 3rd time if you loose your admin level, don't bitch or whine or be a cry baby. You as admin are responsible for your actions and no one else.

Admin abuse

If valid complains are filed against any member with valid proof below steps will be taken:

  • 1st complain = 1 verbal warning via private message through Steam chat or through forum PM's.
  • 2nd complain = Demotion. You will be moved to temp level for probation period decided by management (Staff, coleader, leader or founders)
  • 3rd Complain = Your membership will be suspended for good.

Giving random reasons on !kick or !ban would be considered as a violation of admin authority. If are you found using kick or ban command with random reasons, Random message, Racial comments, etc., you will be warned couple of times if things keep on like this , you will be demoted. Sometimes if the user is just a jerk, we would let it go but 99% of time we wouldn't. So if you see yourself demoted after giving out random reasons in !kick(s) or !ban(s), don't complain. You have been warned.

Fearless Assassins community doesn't tolerate admin abuse.

Additional Suggestions

Don't undermine others' power
If you see someone taking an action you don't agree (ex: muting someone).. don't ever, ever undo what he as done.. if you don't agree explain him why.. and ask him to undo.. if he still chooses not to undo.. then take other procedure (ex:forums) but don't disrespect their decision.. (an exception is a higher rank undoing a newb admin's mistake) the authority of one is the authority of all, and must be respected.

Don't show weaknesses
Not everything smells like roses all the time, especially if you are talking about human relations.. but still if things aren't well between admins there is no reason for other people to know.. especially because if ppl see two admins bitching at each other.. they will feel like they can do the same, so.. bitching and/or problem solving is always done is closed quarters.. never let the public know what happens behind the curtains. Personal problems are never dealt with while in mission.

Always be on your best
Everybody has a bad day, and sometimes we just want to take our frustrations on the game.. and act like jerks.. maybe stupid but feels good.. but that should not ever, be in front of the ones you are responsible for (players in server).. so in those cases take of your tags, and go trash someone else's server.. because when you are in your server.. you are with a mission. Everybody as the right to be a jackass, but don't expect others to put up with you

Luxury should not be standard
There are many admin levels and powers, but, to keep the server "clean" you need only a hand full, others should be seen as privileges.. given as reward for responsibility.. so they should be used responsibly... don't wave them around like a kid showing your new toy (I'm talking to you slappers ) that WILL give ppl the notion of abuse, and instead of respect you will only gain hate.. The best way to do something is to make it look like you've done nothing

Fearless Assassins community doesn't tolerate admin abuse.

In Fearless Assassins Community all are same. Level 0 to Level 20. Keep clean and fair and enjoy the game.