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Sometimes things needs to be reported. If something have happened in game, on forum, in PM's or on discord. If you are a regular user, guest or even a member, you have the right to file a complaint if you think it is necessary. If you need to make a complaint there's multiple ways to do it. Via our Forum or via Contact Us. Forum is for more general complaints and Contact us is for more serious cases. We strongly recommend to fill a Contact Us if your complaint is towards a member of this community. In any cases, if you fill a complaint, you need to bring proof to back it up like Screenshots, in game demos, cell phone pictures or videos (mainly for discord) and screen capture videos.

We have a policy of No proof No case
So make sure before making your complaint that you have proof to back it up.

Remember, a complaint is for serious issues like harassment, bullying, admin abuse, inappropriate behavior, etc... Please do not make complaints because your favorite map was taken away or someone took panzer and you wanted it. We have sections on our forum for these type of things and/or suggestions. So please use common sense.

Also, very important, to be able to file a complaint you need to be registered on our Website
Need to register go here:

Here you will find how to file your complaint and where to. Please follow the protocol you will find in the bellow explanations.

Complaint in forum

In the forum we have multiple sections for different types of complaints. Please make sure to post in the right section and read the rules concerning your particular issue.

The sections in forum are:

In each case we ask for these information:

  • Fill this form
 Server IP: 
 Server Name: 
 Name/Alias of admin: 
 Your in-game name: 
 Appx Date and Time: 
 Any proof? SS or Demo (Must): 
  • Explain what is the issue/situation
  • Give as much details as you can
  • Bring proof (screenshots, demos, cell phone pictures or videos, etc...)
  • Name any witness if any

Note: If your complaint is about admin abuse or an unban request we require that you add in your profile your GUID if you are an Enemy Territory player or your SteamID if you are a Day of Infamy or Insurgency player. The reason for this, is to help us keep track of what happened faster and it will help us resolve faster your issue.

Direct link to forum complaint section

Contact Us

Contact Us is a more private way to report a situation. Staff will get a notice of your request and will respond as fast as possible. Mainly most extreme cases are reported via contact us. Fill the form, upload your proof and send.

Direct link to Contact Us