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Team Stacking

  • Clan/Trial/New members should be first to move for fixing team.
  • Tell others to balance the team if any clan is stacking team. If teams are 16 - 12 ask in general chat for balance like 3-4 times. Some good people will always move.
  • If teams are 11-9 then it's fine. You can't have always 10 vs 10 or same ratio. But if its 11-9 and one team is getting raped try to help them by moving yourself. Only players with balls will enjoy to rape rapers, rather then raping newbies.


  • Once in a while general bitching is allowed. We are easy and fun gamers. Most players go emo when they die. So a general bitching here and their is allowed.
  • Continuous bitching = not allowed. Use !mute.
  • Saying f***ing noobs, niggers, etc. once a map or sometimes people speak it. = Allowed. Censor auto warns for those or most of the names so don't worry much but if someone is circumventing censor or swearing too much, !warn.
  • Bashing on any player continuously you suck, you f***ing noob, you f***ing jew, etc. = Not allowed. !mute those players.
  • Spamming/Bitching in PM is not allowed. Someone says he is getting PM spammed tell him to get SS and post it on forums or send it by xfire.
  • Admins bad mouthing on other members/players will not be allowed. You are admin and you shouldn't do that. Be patience. Admins bitching on servers will not be tolerated 0% tolerance.

Don't forget to ungag/unmute somebody.

Team Kiling

  • If you see somebody doing TB/TK, slap them once or twice with 25 or 50 damage, do not issue 150 damage. If he/she keeps on tb/tk, kick them with a reason "team killing/bleeding". If they come back after being kicked and still tk/tb, ban for 2 days with a reason stated above.


  • If player is AFK for one round, send him/her a private message (sm_psay [nick] [text] in console) asking 'You there?'. If he/she doesn't respond after another round and server is full, kick with a reason "server is full, you're afk'.
  • If server is not full and player is afk for more than 3 rounds and you already sent him/her a PM, kick with a reason "afk". There is no command to move somebody to spectator, so the only thing to do is to kick.

Source Mod commands

  • Don't abuse them. If we find you abusing your powers, you will be warned and then demoted, eventually removed from community if you keep on abusing.

General Commands

  • kick, mute, gag, silence, ban. Always use them with a good reason. When it comes to slap, use it only to get somebody's attention and then explain the issue.
  • If you are going to mute/gag someone tell him "Man, take it easy or I will mute you. Its just fun game so stop bitching all the time!". So he knows when to shut up. If he continues go for mute/gag. If after 3 mutes/gags he continues, go for kick.

Player Names

  • "f*** you my hax is better" = Allowed. Not going to harm anyone.
  • "f*** F|A" = Not allowed.


  • Don't argue in game. We can always change rule if your rule is better and much more helpful. Use our suggestion section. Members can use private forums.

Higher level admins

  • If they say something listen to them. Don't be arrogant noob like 'oh f*** he is telling me, zomfg he is commanding me'. This is game. If someone says you someting, sky is not going to fall down.
  • If you feel higher level is doing wrong take SS and post it and we can always ask whats up.
  • If they are on then it doesn't mean you leave everything on them. If u see something wrong handle it by yourself. If you are fixing it in a wrong way, you will get PM from higher level admin so you know how to do it next time.


  • If they start talking in their language for more then few sentences, tell them English only please. If some admin is helping some new player in their native language it is fine.
  • General cursing is allowed, but if somebody is yelling 'f*** you you f***ing motherf***er' etc, mute that individual, eventually kick.

Kick and ban command usage

  • Both should have some useful mean. Every kick/ban of admin should be meaningful. Useless kicks will result in demotion.
  • If server is full and you need to ban someone, kick with this reason: "Server is full, you're afk"

Admin Abuse

  • 1st complain = 1 verbal warning
  • 2nd complain = Demotion.
  • 3rd Complain = Your membership will be suspended.

Additional suggestions by CaldasGSM

  • Don't undermine others power.

If you see someone taking an action you don't agree (ex: muting someone).. don't ever, ever undo what he as done.. if you don't agree explain him why.. and ask him to undo.. if he still choses not to undo.. them take other procedure (ex:forums) but don't disrespect is decision.. (an exception is a higher rank undoing a newb's admin mistake) the authority of one is the authority of all, and must be respected.

  • Don't show weaknesses

Not everything smells like roses all the time, specially if you are talking about human relations.. but still if things aren't well between admins there is no reason, for other people to know.. specially because, if ppl see two admins bitching at each other.. they will fell they can do the same.. so.. bitchin and/or problem solving is always done is closed quarters.. never let the public know what happens behind the curtains. Personal problems are never dealt while in mission.

  • Always be on your best

Everybody has a bad day, and sometimes we just want to take our frustrations on the game.. and act like jerks.. maybe stupid but feels god.. but that should not ever, be in front of the ones you are responsible for (players in server).. so in those cases take of your tags, and go trash someone else's server.. because when you are in your server.. you are with a mission. Everybody has the right to be a jackass, but don't expect others to put up with you.

  • Luxury should not be standard

There are many admin levels and powers, but, to keep the server "clean" you need only a hand full, others should be seen as privileges.. given as reward for responsibility.. so they should be used responsibly... don't wave them around like a kid showing your new toy (I'm talking to you slappers ) that WILL give ppl the notion of abuse, and instead of respect you will only gain hate.. The best way to do something is to make it look like you've done nothing.

If you have any questions/suggestions, use an Admin Guide questions topic or use our suggestion section.