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Fearless Assassins Generic COD4 Gaming Server Rules

  1. Advertising links or information about cheats on server or forums is not allowed. Fearless Assassins has strict rules against hacking. Hacking is grounds for dismissal from the clan and servers. Cheaters will be permanently banned from all servers immediately.
  2. Respect other players and do not abuse other players. For example grenade switching on teammates to gain easy kills. You will be warned, kicked, tempbanned or banned depending on what admin(s) feel is right; to make sure the enjoyable environment is maintained on the server.
  3. Do not ask to join =F|A= while playing but you can ask how to join. You can apply to join =F|A= on the forums.
  4. Do not pose yourself as a =F|A= community member, you will be warned 3 times to remove tags before receiving a ban for tag stealing.
  5. No recruiting or advertising on =F|A= Servers/Forum. Don't ask for other player’s xfire, msn, etc. because you can recruit on there. Offenders will be banned immediately.
  6. If you disagree with an admin decision, take time to cool down before speaking politely to the admin. If your issue cannot be resolved while in the game take it to forum or xfire, but don't keep fighting on server. Do not keep fighting with other players on server. You may be warned or kicked depending on what admin feels is right.
  7. Screenshots/demo are the best way to prove/disprove the facts! If you see evidence record it! If admin have to take time out from their game to record evidence against you, you're probably f****d!
  8. Do not accuse other players of admin abuse, hax, etc while on server. Take screenshot or demo as proof and post it in complaint section of forums. We do not accept xfire screenshots or demo. Do not keep arguing with other players about the issue at hand on server.
  9. There is no glitching allowed on =F|A= servers. A glitch is defined as a place where you cannot be hit, displaces your body to make it appear in a different spot from where you actually are, leaving the map areas (by flying over, digging under or jumping out of bounds), and if you can shoot at an opponent but not be seen.
  10. Do not keep bitching on other players on continuous basis. You will be warned 3x times first, then kicked, then tempbanned and our last resort would be to ban you permanently. Please refrain yourself from using abusing words on constant basis. We like peaceful gaming environment so everyone can enjoy.
  11. We do not care how pro you are, Leave your ego at the log in screen. Do not keep challenging anyone continuously in general chat or team chat.
  12. Scripts that may alter game play to give the user a distinct advantage over other players are prohibited. These scripts for example, may include anti-recoil scripts and level scripting. Persons using these scripts should be handled as a common offense (!warn, !kick, !ban) and not as hacking offense (immediate permanent ban).
  13. Grenade switching is not allowed on any =F|A= server. Meaning, do not drop a grenade then switch teams to gain an easy kill. You will be warn or kicked depend on what admin feels is right.
  14. Last stand, martyrdom and/or grenade launchers are not allowed on some servers (it varies from server to server). Check the rules before entering a server. If found breaking the rules you will be warned, kick, tempbanned then banned (in extreme cases). Martyrdom and grenade launcher usage will auto kick after the 1st kill.
  15. Trial/members are not allowed to go "undercover" without prior approval/talk with leaders. Only staff and above can go "undercover". Trials/members are supposed to put community tags before their name all the time.
  16. If you see or feel someone is cheating, notify admin through steam, evolve, teamspeak, etc. message. Don't keep whinning in game. You can also record the demo as proof and submit it on forums. We will review demo and issue the ban if the demo proves accused player is cheating.
  17. If you are found whinning or calling out other players who are better then you, then admin will be forced to kick or ban you depending on your previous history on our servers.

Server Specific Rules


  1. No Martyrdom perk allowed.
  2. No Last Stand allowed.