COD4 Cheat free environment

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/pb_cvarlist output

This are the things which I suggest you should look for on any XYZ server you play for a clean non cheat environment.

  1. Type pb_cvarlist in console. It will show you all cvar scans which are running on server. If it doesn't show you any scans then it means server is not running any cheat scans. If it shows you list of cvars that means server is running cvar scans to take care of cheaters. Result of cvar scan:
  2. Their are md5 scans. They can be only seen by server admins. But if server doesn't run cvar scans and don't stream to PB then 99.99% they don't run even md5 scans.
  3. You can check each server if it's streaming to PBBANS or not from here: Enter the server IP and it will show you streaming status. We suggest never play on any server which is not streaming to PB. But then again it's my suggestion.

Why would anyone like to play on servers which are not streaming to anti-cheat organizations like PBBANS, PSB, etc.. and allow cheaters? By this post I don't mean to say play only on F|A servers. You have all rights to pick your own servers for playing but educate yourself and learn on how to see which servers are good for playing.

If you have any question feel free to ask anytime. Enjoy!