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These are few of our criteria when we promote someone to higher admin level.

  1. How mature is the player ?
  2. How many other members does he know? Is the player frank or conservative? Does that player mix up well with others?
  3. How much in game sense has the player? How much knowledge of game admin does he have. Does he know how to use whois, view demos, all admin commands, etc?
  4. How much he is active on server + forum?
  5. Does he participates in active suggestion for making community better? Does he provide good criticism where ever needed?
  6. Does a bad day, loosing sprees, etc. affect his admin decision? Does he get humiliated fast? Does he takes Internet too seriously?
  7. Can people understand what he is posting? Does he have the ability to fix problems between players if any 2 players are fighting over some retarded reason?
  8. What kind of language does the player use on forums and server? Seriously, if we have to see CAPS in every alternate post or "f***, f***ing sucks", etc every 2 lines, then it seriously reminds me of zyx retarded clan members.
  9. Can he donate some money or even tries to donate at least few $$/month/year for server bills? Donation doesn't earn you high admin level instantly but it's more of mix of person nature, admin duties and donation amount.
  10. How well does the player keep the team balance. This is a must. We will never promote any admin who uses !putteam on other regulars and never moves himself.
  11. Does he promote/find new good members? We still need more members to maintain a good environment on our server.
  12. We never appreciated member brown nosing in topics which he is not all concerned with. If you feel something is not right, please use "Report Topic/Post" option and express your opinion and management will try to follow up with you. Management is not entitled to give acknowledgement to your every reports but rest assure we try our best to look at every single report and evidence/feedback provided for it.
  13. At the end of the day, if you just joined Fearless Assassins community to get more admin level or in fact if you are just after admin level, then you will find yourself leaving soon or we will soon see post of you saying "I am leaving/resigning".
  14. If you are found abusing any of your commands then you will get a demotion instead of a promotion. :-) We normally give decent chances to fix your power tripping but don't test leader's patience. Admin abuse sometimes results in ban.
  15. We don't tolerate "I am right, always right" kind of attitude.
  16. If you have an ego, suck it up. We don't care and we never will.
  17. It is up to you if you want to discuss an issue or express concern over it with us. Don't cry for it. World isn't perfect and neither are we. We carefully check feedback and act accordingly. We can't always implement feedback/suggestions given by you. We will not discuss reasons for it because if we start doing it, we would end up giving explanations to hundreds of users.
  18. You are in the community to help other players and regulars, not for promotion. If you are joining us for levels or are getting butt hurt because you aren't promoted and others are, you have the wrong mindset for our community. If you think you deserve a promotion, you can always Contact management using contact us and ask to look at your promotion. Do not message or ask staff+ to promote you, use the contact option on forums and select promotion from drop down form.
  19. Donors will always have an edge for promotion. Fact is servers need to get paid. Game is free for you but servers are not. We pay approximate 5000$ every year in terms of forums, website, dedicated servers, tech issues and redirect bills so that you can have fun. We are not freaking Bill Gates and we don't earn for your enjoyment but yes we spend money online in running servers so we can make new friends and enjoy gaming with you. We appreciate donors who understand and help us in paying server bills.
  20. Don't think by donating you are boss. You aren't and you never will be. When you donate, you donate for the well-being of community and not for personal gains or promotion. Since you are helping in paying community bills, we will award you with admin level as we see fit.
  21. We will not promote ANYONE just because you think they deserve promotion. Co-leaders, Leaders and ultimately Founders decide about the matter. However, if you feel like we have overseen somebody, you can contact the management about it, point decent reasons out why they deserve a promotion.
  22. If we don't have spot open for staff, co leader or leader we will not invite you for that spot even though you perfectly deserve it. Every company has limited manager positions and so do we.
  23. We are always open for constructive feedback. Well constructed feedback and complaints with resolution are always welcome.
  24. Management team has real life and they are not bound to reply every PM's, Discord message, topics/posts, etc. We do our best to support regulars and members so that their gaming time spend on our servers is best!

At the end of the day, we all are here to provide the best environment on Fearless Assassins server and forum which makes us stand out different then other communities. That being said we are not at all claiming we are best but we do claim that we try our best day and night to become best.